Tips for Choosing a Tie

A tie or necktie is one of the most popular fashion accessories for men. Although this is only a fraction of the clothes in the closet of the man it takes a great deal in making his business outfit look complete and best. It also has a great influence on his character and personality, because it means that he has good taste in fashion, if he chooses the right tie that works well with it. With so many choices that tie to choose from a wide variety of style designs, colors and patterns it’s really hard and complicated to choose the ideal. So to help you in choosing the right tie that best suits you and complements well with your clothes, here are some tips that you should take into consideration.
1. Consider the quality of the cloth: When choosing a tie, your first main concern is the quality of its fabrics, as well as the type of material he used. Good quality tie is made ​​from 100% silk. So it is most recommended to buy silk tie, because you can not go wrong with glamor and gloss, which will definitely give you a polished look and perfectly complement your formal wear. Besides, it is also permanently be used for this type of fabric will certainly last much longer.

2.Select the right length of equality, which is proportional to your height: Selecting the correct length of tie is another important factor to be considered when buying this kind of male fashion accessories. Equality can make or break your entire clothing if it is not in proportion to your height. So if you are tall, you’ll look best if you choose a long tie, and vice versa if you are shorter. According to fashion tie experts, the best way to know the correct length of tie that best suit the height is that triangular point at the end of his wide must fulfill their bucket when it is connected properly around your neck. As much as possible, the tip of the tie should extend ½ inch past your belt line.
3. To complement the color of tie dress shirt or suit: After selecting the correct length and quality of the connection that best suits you, the next thing you should consider is color. Select the color of your tie should be matched to the color of your dress shirt or suit. So you need to know how to coordinate better color to your clothes to have balance and harmony.
For plain white dress shirts color equality will coincide with plain white dress shirt. So you will never go wrong when choosing each of your tie, especially if you are still in any doubt in dealing with its color combination. For tie clip howto, please follow Ezinereligion. For colored shirts the best way to complete equality with your colored shirts to create contrast. Basically if you have a dark dress shirt, it is advisable to use light colored tie. On the other hand, if your dress shirt has a light color, you must use dark colored tie. Wearing the same color tie and dress shirt is also possible, provided that the relationship should be light or dark-colored dress shirt. About stripped or checkered shirts if you have streaks or checkered dress shirt, simply select the tie color, that matches the dominant color stripes or checks in a dress shirt.
4. Coordinate model to tie dress shirt: Dealing with the models is really difficult when choosing the right tie that matches well with your dress shirt. Unlike plain dress shirts that include only color coordination when choosing a tie, ties for stripped or checkered shirts must also consider model coordination. This is because the models may also are reduced if they are not well-complemented, so you really have to be very careful in their coordination. Draw a box model, pin or polka dots can be compared with stripped dress shirt. For plaid shirts you can wear a tie with diagonal stripes. But be sure to choose a color that complements well with the dominant color of the dress shirt before tackling patterns. And you need to consider the size of the stripes or checks. Always remember that they should be different with the size of the stripes on your dress shirt not looking dazed. If you still have any doubt in dealing with models just better consider the basic rule that creates a contrast. So if you are wearing a striped dress shirt, just wear solid colored tie and vice versa. As soon as you get a tie that looks good to you, it’s really important to know how to tie it properly. This is the last step and the best key to look good with your tie.