Tips for Choosing the Right School Backpack

A brief resume school. Many mothers are already struggling against advertising cases and backpacks magical latest fashion, enriched by precious gadgets, but always too expensive! The Codacons has turned even to Antitrust Authority to immediately suspend the advertisements of certain products of school kit, for considered false advertising. Meanwhile it will be appropriate to a plea bargain with your children. My wanted that of a cartoon with a microphone as a gift (so to speak!): After many battles we came to an agreement: backpack old and new microphone. That is a savings of about 35 euro !
Not just when one thinks that the backpack last year was semi-new: he wanted that big of Winx and I had lost the “battle” assecondandola. He rarely used especially in the first months, because they are too big for his small stature: this year will be perfect. Do not do as I do: the size of the backpack is one of the things that you must pay attention by buying one, for the Protection of spine of your children. The larger and weigh more, even empty, let alone with books and exercise books. In this regard, the same consumers’ association, Codacons, has produced a small Decalogue for a healthy choice. Here it is.

1) The seat must be rigid. One backpack backless causes weight accumulation down; more in the absence of padding the books are pressing on your back;
2) Must not be large. Not only it will be heavier, but its contents inside, will move all the time not being compacted;
3) The shoulder straps should be adjustable (for a homogeneous distribution of the load on both shoulders) and equipped with secure buckles and easily detachable; More must be wide and well padded.
4) Do you prefer backpacks with trolley attachment or get one rated separately.
5) From prefer the backpack with the lap belt buckle. It must be at waist height and with the front coupling to obtain a centered load and to adhere the backpack to the vertebral column;
6) Handle: must be solid and comfortable to allow a good grip;
7) The backpacks with bellows openings offer a greater volume but give larger rear unbalance;
8) Remember that even the backpack vacuum has a weight that contributes to the total;
9) Check reliability and robustness determined by the quality of the fabric and seams;
10) Check the wash ability of the fabric and instructions.
In fact, reading these directions I must say that the backpack that will use my daughter this year is perfect: now has the right features. Good luck, dear mothers for this little domestic battle and all the others that will come on !!! And good first day of school at all.