Tips for Matching Clothes and Jewelry, Coral Necklace

The jewelry is a wonderful way to attract attention of those around you. They can also highlight your most beautiful features and hide flaws. Before choosing the jewelry, think it will match the clothes you wear. If the jewelry is properly matched, they will form a united together with your clothes and will create a flawless look.

Proud and beautiful

If you wear flashy jewelry and exclusive design, you should know perfectly fashion trends and, of course, be proud of itself. The best option – the jewelry irregular geometric shapes. A woman wearing such jewelry always creates a distinctive look and shows that she loves attention and does not blend into the crowd. But be careful, try not to create a common look.

The main rule when choosing lights and exclusive jewelry-less is better. Sometimes a single jewel can create a divine look. It is recommended to wear jewelry only massive, that is to say a bracelet or earrings. Otherwise, you will look like a little girl who found the jewelry from his mother and put everything. The massive jewelry and colorful suitable for single-colored clothes, especially white and black.

The massive jewelery show the artistic nature of their owner. If you want to put several bracelets or chains, they must have the same style and being of similar colors or colors that suit the color of your clothing. If your jewelry is adorned with a large stone, we should know more the stone is, the more it seems artificial.

Mixed Metal Compositions

First you must know that wear the same time gold and silver jewelry and coral necklace- is a bad choice. Here at Topbbacolleges you can get more different models and styles. However contemporary designers ignore this rule. If you prefer to look traditionally wear simultaneously or gold jewelry or silver. And if, despite everything, you prefer to combine mixed metal jewelry, choose same style of jewelry and such design.

Warning! Do not associate jewelery with precious metals or precious stones.

Chains and necklaces of appropriate length

Very often women choose chains of improper length. A string draws attention to the neck and can highlight or hide defects or age of a woman.

Faceplates to collars are still in fashion. If you have a long thin neck, collared shirt fronts suit you perfectly. Avoid long necklaces and chains with pendants V, choose a necklace triple rows 40-50 cm in length. If your neck is massive, a necklace to distant fronts of your neck at 2-3 centimeters will create a look of a less massive neck. In addition, you can choose a long chain with a pendant or a massive multi-row necklace.

It should match the necklaces chest necklines and V necklines boat. However it is recommended rather massive necklaces for girls and women “mature” should choose long necklaces and chains which mask neck defects.

Accessories for your hands

There is nothing that makes the hands of a woman so sexy as rings. Pay ring ring and several smaller rings, and you can always admire your hands. This season the designers propose ring rings adorned with subtle colored stones. Decide what color your clothing is dominant and choose jewelry. For example, if the red tones dominate, should choose a ring of brown stones, green or cream. You should know that the color of a stone must be repeated in your clothing.

It is recommended massive jewelry if your hands are long and thin. Also, if you wear multiple rings ring at the same time, put a hand on the left and the other-the right.


The earrings draw attention to your face. This is why it is very important that the brilliance of the stones and the volume of metal do not kill the beauty of a woman.

If you want an example out the color and beauty of the blue eyes, choose a blue sky or blue earrings that will show the depth and the blue of your eyes. If you want to be the center of attention, pair of earrings decorated with yellow stones (citrine) or orange with blue eyes.

Those green eyes can wear earrings adorned with emeralds, turquoise, malachite green or amber. To contrast, choose yellow stones (citrine), oranges, white (diamonds, rock crystal, pearls, mother of pearl). That way, your face will seem clearer.

Owners can choose brown eyes earrings in amber, jasper, coral, pearls, rubies or carnelian. The green stones, purple (green amber, amethyst, tourmaline, turquoise) will create a contrasting effect.

We should not forget the rules that determine the wearing of jewelery. For the evening or solemn occasion should be chosen faceted gems: diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, rock crystal etc. Each day choose matt stone, which guarantee the stable mood.

What color, what a gem …?

There is the system of the agreement of colors, which classifies people according to the color of the skin, eyes and hair. 4 main groups are distinguished people, “Winter”, “Spring”, “Summer” and “Autumn”.

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September 30, 2017

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