Tips For Use Of Space And Economy In Decorating

In addition to simple and practical, some solutions take charm to environments without increasing costs. Check out!

This week, I would like to share with you simple and inexpensive ideas to make your home office beautiful and functional. Let’s start with tips to reduce costs?

As soon as I saw this low-cost project (opening and photo below) in Bangkok, I fell in love. After all, it’s a really simple idea and very cute: these rustic wood bins, found in fairs used as niches for decorative

elements and books. The charm is on the colorful paint inside of them. In this case, several colours were applied, but I suggest paint them in gradients of the same hue. Have you ever thought that love? A great idea for decor, with clear functionality and relatively low cost.

Photo: TYIN tegnestue

Even in this line of lower cost, I share with you a very different project, in which I was involved at the end of last year. The Surfari’s Office compiled a series of do-it-yourself solutions, and highlight the furniture made in OSB (speaking of which, have you seen my column last week, that talks about this option for the furniture?).

See buffet options home

The panels, 20 cm from the wallpaper, cabinets, with access by the sides and without cost structure or hinges. As flooring option, one of the walls was painted with black paint finish for Blackboard so we did a big mural without having to invest in Slate or glass.

Photo: Ariane Kohlmann

Another great tip for those seeking investment organization is to use tags at all. That’s right: the single placement of stickers divides and organizes the space available for storage.

Photo: Ariane Kohlmann

Want to view project details the Surfari? Here’s a really cool video:

How to take the best available space?

Solutions that get the most possible of existing spaces are worth gold, since more and more environments are smaller and need to leverage every available corner, isn’t it? So, today I have two tips that can be applied not only in offices, but in any room of your home.

The first are trimmers, but not the traditional and best known. Nominate those furniture positioned just below the window sills, great for storing objects. With little depth, suspended or not the ground depending on the total height of the ledge the pieces are true wild cards.

The trick is to use neutral finishes, preferably from the wall color, as this proposed Resolution 4 Architecture Office. Its functionality varies according to the positioning in the House: in a room, for example, does the times of dresser. Already in the living room, next to the dining area, works like buffet and beverage support area. At the Office, serves well to store documents or even as a library.

Pictures: Resolution 4 Architecture

The second tip is to abuse the miniprateleiras we’ve talked about them here in Think properties in an article with tips for small rooms. In offices, they also work very well. Are great for small spaces, where shelves with traditional depths (between 25 and 30 cm) wouldn’t fit. That way, you can have decorative elements or even books and magazines (positioned standing, of course) in your Office. To illustrate, a beautiful model from the Weekday blog Carnival. In this image, in addition to the miniprateleiras, we have wooden hangers, completing the composition.

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July 26, 2017

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