Tips to Buy Eyeglasses

You are about to enter the jungle in the world of opticians for the purchase of eyeglasses? You see the good article to collect information in order to make savings on the purchase of your eyeglasses and especially to buy the right product at the right price. There are a multitude of offers at opticians regarding the sale of eyeglasses. Not easy to navigate especially when it comes to the first pair of glasses. Testavis gives you three tips to save on the purchase of your pair of eyeglasses.

Make a Point On Your Optical Mutual
Prior to purchase and in order to make savings (it is the case to say), it is necessary to make a point about your optical mutual. In fact, depending on your contract, you will be more or less well pay off. The primary insurance fund reimburses only a small part of the purchase (see the refund according to profile).
It may be interesting to compare the optical mutual between them to find out their conditions for the refund of the glasses. However, be careful and well compare monthly payments to pay and the proposed refund.
Indeed, you can certainly be reimbursed by your health insurance company to a certain amount directly but on the year your contributions can quickly nibbles price of repayment of your glasses. It may make more sense to pay cash sometimes!
Compare the quotes of opticians
It is very important to compare between them opticians. Whether on the price of the mounts, on the price of glasses or promotional offers. According to the optician, the price can vary from simple to double. Glasses of the same quality can go €75 to an optician to €120 for his competitor. Ditto for the price of frames which can vary from one brand to another. The price of frames is usually more or less expensive depending on the brand.
When you browse the quote, be sure to look at the rates. To compare the quality of the glasses. Some lenses can be cheaper but their quality can be poorer, he is your view then stay tuned and do not look that the price.
Take quality with anti reflection, anti scratch glasses and UV filter! The health has no price. You can imagine that a quote offering glasses of bad quality sunglasses can afford to offer low prices.
You should also be careful about the famous offer “buy one pair / a free pair. First of all, do you need a second pair of glasses view or sunglasses ? Then look at if the free model includes the glasses to view. This is much more beneficial financially.
Also check prices for this promotional offer is obviously a marketing to sell more. Sometimes, the cost of the second pair is simply included in the price of the original sunglasses… Pay attention to these techniques of sales!
Other promotional offers can be interesting, wait for the right time to buy at the right price!
Finally, at the choice of the optician, think good to ask your mutual if she is partner with any particular optician. Partnerships between opticians and mutuals are sometimes effective and allow for low prices
The purchase of eyeglasses on the internet
The purchase of eyeglasses on the internet can be attractive to the level of prices. However nothing do you guarantee the quality of frames and lenses. In addition, you will be unable to try them directly.
Some sites offer all the same to ship you some models so that you can try. Internet sites also offer virtual test, but nothing beats a real product test. It is true that the advice of a physical opticians of aesthetics or practice are always good to take. The relational aspect is also more appreciated!
You can still try a model to an optician and compare the prices of the reference on the internet. Please also understand that a physical point of sale allows a person in flesh and blood and not only customer service in case of question or problem. The advantage to opt for an optician on the internet remains the price.
Of course, buying a pair of glasses must be compared to the price, but do not neglect the quality aspect which is essential. It is a product related to your health. So be very careful when purchasing your pair of glasses to view, the important thing is to find a quality product at an attractive price while having fun!