To Detect Fake Samsung Batteries

Many fakes look professionally-but if you hold an original also, conspicuous differences. The price is also a clue.
At first glance, most counterfeit Samsung batteries look like the originals. But if you look closer and know some background, you can see the most forgeries as such.

Before you buy a suspiciously low price is a warning signal. Samsung’s online shop and many other dealers sell batteries for 20 to 30 euros per piece. The same model costs somewhere else only half or even less, it’s mostly a fake.
Product images in online stores rarely show the actual goods, so can’t help further. But customer reviews provide information often.
Samsung always delivers batteries in blister pack
Samsung emphasizes that the original batteries intended for end-users are always delivered in blister packaging dealer. Comes the battery pack without this package, you should be so at least skeptical. Theoretically could be an original battery that was intended for use in a workshop, but this chance is relatively low.
Otherwise, Samsung are only vague tips: “An inferior quality of packaging as a fuzzy label or a Samsung logo deviant from the original is also a negative indicator.”
Comparing that c’ t purchased fakes with originals, are concrete differences on (see Photo Gallery). However, this is a snapshot. Both Samsung and the counterfeiters could change details at any time.
The weight can reveal counterfeit: some plagiarism weigh one or two grams less than the originals. You can see the obvious difference, if one subtracts the black film: battery cells into the most counterfeits from unknown manufacturers or manufacturer without. In the c’t present original batteries stuck, however, cells by Samsung SDI.