TomTom one XL Europe

The images are wider. Not only on television, but also the navigation device. The wide screen is to provide a better overview of the current road situation and more information about the traffic. That promises at least manufacturer TomTom. Whether the wide format actually better results to the target, has COMPUTER image with the one XL Europe in practice tested. operation user management none makes the TomTom so quickly what: the menus are clear and concise, self-explanatory symbols. A finger print
on the appropriate symbol of the touch-sensitive screen with 10.9 cm diagonal is sufficient to control. The cards from 21 countries of Western Europe are in the internal memory of the device installed. when first powering or after a period of disuse the positioning can be ever five minutes or longer. Mobile navigation devices is absolutely usual. nice extra: If you already want to see the route to the destination on the navigation on the eve of the trip, can do that also in the apartment. Reception of GPS signals is not necessary: it is sufficient to connect the navigation device via USB to the computer and to set the site via supplied software.  navigation  route calculation did the one XL Europe quickly and without major error. The ride was easy, according to the map display where the loud and clear announcements helped. However, some references were misleading or even false: so the navigation system at the roundabout to the historic Archway of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris gave the fatal recommendation: go straight over the roundabout.prompts like the exit you were irritating. Then take the exit. In such cases, it would be better if street names or the exact name of the exit to say the device would. presentation  thanks to the significantly larger compared to the previous model screen wins the navigation  enormous comfort. There is indeed no further additional information on the screen. But for the information appear larger and therefore easier to read about the current speed or the estimated time of arrival. Even at very high temperatures, as they ever occur in direct sunlight in the car, the display was very good to read. But it was something.  dam bypass  means current traffic info can the TomTom Herum guide drivers around traffic jams. FM radio station broadcasting the free TMC tailback information in addition to the radio program. The necessary TMC receiver is different than with previous TomTom devices included the one XL Europe. Regional, however, Miss the 100 euros cheaper one XL. Who needs him, can him for 80 euros to buy. equipment  with mount, car charger and TMC receiver is everything in the package that is necessary for the navigation in the car. Too bad: Bluetooth is indeed built and works together with the TomTom plus functions just fine. A wireless speakerphone for Bluetooth mobile phones but missing. Point deduction also gave s lack of a mains charger. At home the Navi can be only awkward USB PC charge.   maps  cards for 21 Western European countries were included in the tested version of Europe.  although maps of Croatia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary can be retrofitted. But this country package costs 60 euros extra. Also offers TomTom maps of Australia (200 euros), North America (110 euros), South Africa (100 euro), Singapore and Hong Kong (40 euro each). conclusion  simple operation, no major bug in the guidance and a large screen are the strengths of the device. However, TomTom should eradicate the mistakes in the direction prompts. And a device that is called XL Europe, should include not only maps of Western European countries.