TomTom's Runner and Multi-Sports Watches

Anyone with a TomTom in car already knows that “take the second exit” in a roundabout means, simply, go straight.
Regardless of whether it’s been years since I wanted to get back at Clare (my browser), it seems that the Dutch company has taken a good direction towards the realization of a cardio/GPS simple, aesthetically pleasing and quite complete. TomTom GPS Runners and multi-sport were born. The main ingredients are a large display, simple graphics, the thickness of 11mm and a single button. And then a lot of information available to the athlete.

Motivation to you!

The new TomTom make the athletic experience extremely “Challenger” (my coach talk like that and I blindly carry). You can race by challenging its own previous performance. Or maintaining a “zone” (step or heart rate). Or maybe try to reach a target away or duration. In any case TomTom Runner and multi-sport seem very fun to use.
The design is attractive and very successful color choices, unequivocally is a cardio/GPS that you can use everyday like clock and gives it that distinctive touch that winks, saying: “Yes, I’m an athlete.”

Multi-sport, finally!

OK, your TomTom Runner – as the name implies, looks a bit … – is made to run but the model that attracted me most is the Multi-Sport. I find it very interesting that there is a cardio/GPS with a smaller feature set than totally complete Garmin. You can use it by bicycle, water anyway and your TomTom will always be easy to use (and will track your activity). However you will not be able to schedule training sessions – “If you want to look nice, you have to suffer a little bit,” said Watchtutorials.
According to what has been communicated to the launch, the new TomTom is therefore perfect for those who do cross-training with some intensity (and frequency) but it’s still not a triathlete at 100%.
I have one concern: with peripheral connectivity is via Bluetooth. So if you already have ANT + accessories, you will have to leave them in the drawer.


According to this preliminary information, I would buy it even now. Unfortunately, your TomTom will be released this summer. However if you are considering making the purchase maybe this product deserves a bit of a wait.