Touchone Keyboard Android Wear

This application shows that it is possible to adapt the experience of a virtual keyboard to the smartwatch

The Moto 360 is one of the most anticipated smartwatch this year and which Motorola leads us putting teeth deployed for some months now. Not only is the first device to feature Android Wear, Google’s operating system for wearables, but failing to see what Apple has prepared us, is the smart watch with the best design we have seen till date.

Device specifications still remain a mystery, but fortunately we have seen some great ideas about the appearance and functionality that could have the Moto 360. Now, the company Minuum just announced an application being developed exclusively for the watch Motorola smart and allow to bring the experience of virtual keyboards to their small circle sphere.
The project was launched Minuum keyboard like many others, through a platform to present your idea and receive donations for the selfless get going. With this, the company has managed to raise about $ 90,000 , 9 times more than it had originally planned.
Minuum is a small and simple virtual keyboard that conforms perfectly to the size of the screen to allow write Centralledwatch, offering a touch screen smart watch with LED while visualize the content. Yes, I know, it sounds pretty impossible. The key to this is that the keyboard is placed around the circular edges of the device , leaving considerable space in the middle to see the content.

The intelligent keyboard to the Moto 360 is fitted into the circular edges of the sphere and also offers us words according to the context

The edges of the lower half of the sphere are occupier for a full QWERTY keyboard while on top we offer up to 3 words based on the predictive function, similar to what Apple has built into iOS 8. As admits the company, despite the voice controls will play a key role in the Moto 360, there will be some situations where you needed to use the keyboard.
We do not know how comfortable and intuitive that it will once implemented, it seems unfeasible write with one hand on the small screen of our smartwatch. Nevertheless, ideas how are you seem to break some preconceived schemes on smart watches.