Transcend JetFlash 380, Stick to Your Smartphone Android

The company Transcend It has launched to the market its device JetFlash 380 as an accessory for smartphones (microUSB connection) that works as a flash drive for them greatly facilitating the exchange of files.
At the same time JetFlash 380 integrates on the opposite side of a traditional USB connector so you can connect it to a computer or any device with this connectivity for serving, therefore, the perfect medium to Exchange files between mobile and PCs.
It is developed for devices Android 4.0 or higher since the support is integrated into this version USB-OTG. However, before buying we have to mention that not all devices with Android 4.0 are compatible with it, so it is recommended to check compatibility first.
We have to discuss that in addition to being a device which we can see from the terminal from any Manager files, Gallery, etc. Transcend offers the application Transcend Elite App It will work as a simple backup-smartphone utility.


It runs at USB 2.0 speeds and even though it is not faster units that we have tested in writing, it has a performance interesting for the variety of applications that we can give you.

  • Reading: 23.4 Mbytes/s
  • Writing: 5.5 MB/s

Available in capacities of 16 or 32 GB in Golden colors and silver at greatly reduced prices. We can see that in retailers online can be purchased at a price of 11 euros model 23 euros and 16 GB 32 GB model.
It is a perfect complement to a smartphone Android since we are currently experiencing the trend of manufacturers to abandon the traditional microSD card.