Transport Of Children: To Fish Or Teach How To Use The Cane?

You may already have seen or even that you attended some of the lectures have. Within the program STARS Madrid, a round table was organized with Francesco Tonucci (Frato), pedagogue and Italian cartoonist.
Tonucci advocates an educational model that stimulates curiosity and empower children to prepare them for life in society; a place where children find motivation rather than memorization environment and boredom. A place, in short, that children learn by doing things, rather than follow a pattern dictation.
And obviously Tonucci it seems crazy that children today not only can not walk or cycle to school, but they can not even go outside alone.  Neither bike or on foot. The street, that place so dangerous.

Tonucci things to me, my thirties, I seem obvious, but according to what it seems in this society are no longer says. How did we get to this point where a child can not go outside to play?  What is better for a child: you take daily to wherever, or that is capable of driving with his friends on the street with water bottles?
Finally, if you have children or relationship with schools, and this situation also seems an aberration, they can do something about it ! Inside or outside the STARS program can propose a similar initiative in their environments. Are there other parents or teachers who think the same? Know Talk about it. Move. There is hope.
In Madrid and in other regions there are schools and colleges that have begun to change the bad habit of going to school always drive. . 13 primary and 6 secondary  and experiences are replicated: if they have been in Madrid, why should not they be able to anywhere else? In Enbicipormadrid they have had experiences Colegio Santa Isabel or Montserrat, and have much more information available.
It is a public health issue (in Spain, 28% of children between 3 and 12 years are overweight or obese, in part due to lack of physical activity), but also of education and the image of the world that our children receive. is the world for cars or for people?