Trend Footwear Fall-Winter: Male or Female?

If you’re in that they begin to get dressed by feet, if you are one of those women who become crazy about shoes, sure you are wanting to know what trends you will find in the shops during this autumn/winter 2011 / 2012 shoes. Now that we have clear how to equip our wardrobe, touch complete our Shoemaker.

The good news is that there is a little of everything from inspired footwear in the male shoes, comfortable and practical, to womanhood and the high heel shoes that you defy the heights. Go to choosing the boots, ankle boots and shoes more like, we have the most suitable for every moment.

Male shoes

The male style appears in clothing with shyness, but lives all its prominence thanks to the footwear. They are shoes oxford, moccasins, military boots, booties, lace-up wedge, biker boots, equestrian-inspired… Footwear that can be used by men, but women do our. You’ll find these models in Zara, Mango, and Andrea Milian.
As the main novelty of the season, can already be learning a new name: chelsea boots. Combine them with drainpipes and dresses and you will get the perfect mod style. Zara already has its own.

Women’s shoes

The ying and yang, today I seen man and morning stepped all my feminine charms. Toggle high heel shoes with flat shoes is a wise advice to the health of our feet but also to our mental health. We love fashion, we like to change style and experience. More feminine proposals come this season from the hand of stilettos, snake prints, shoes with color, and those who come covered in glitter and Miu Miu, sequins or sparkles of all kinds. Halls of high heels that you can find in Zara.
If you like the thigh high boots, This year they are half-lap and with wide heel. Rescued from the 70’s and which are perfectly adapted to our current wardrobe. In that autumnal color, it is difficult to find a shoe more comfortable, practical and can be combined. These combining leather and are of Chie Mihara.

Caprice shoes

You take them home and do not know very well or why or what them will wear you when going them to put. You just know that this shoe has to be yours. In two colors and materials, red more Bordeaux, are of Andrea Milian, a beauty.
Again in these boots patchwork effect of Chie Mihara totally retro.
And so that not everything is a spiral buyer, a recommendation: visit to your Shoemaker neighborhood change soles, tops, clipped heels, lined shoes, apply creams. You will recover many shoes that you thought you had lost, and will have them as new for very little. As you can see, many trends continue from last season and will continue to the next, so you have to take advantage of the most purchases.

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