Trends a Discussion: White Shoes Yes or No?

I see it coming. It’s like when you get to walk with skates and you see that you’re going to give a pinazo anytime. So I am with shoes white. I have a hobby of care (and I know I’m not the only one), but there is, as it were, “ signs “, that can become an overwhelming fashion here a few months.

To begin with, during the collections Resort 2013 they have had a few stellar appearances, as in Jill Stuart or in Valentino.
Combined with dresses in flight, with a bit of heel, and there are white shoes. My problem with them is that I see them very chonis, very plastic, very of the worst of the 90s, very disco poligonera. Hey, I can’t stand them.
Some trend setters lead them. As Diane Kruger, in a recent public appearance (i.e. that has appeared with lucky shoes in the light of the world), combined with a nice dress coral color.
And even among bloggers raze. Which is Angicupcakes are of Zara. So they have come to chez Amancio. The plague is on the doorstep of House.
And you as much as I odiais or are only hobbies mine?