Trolley School Backpacks

For young pupils still on holiday, but in a few weeks back to school, do not purchase a backpack or even worse a folder, but a trolley, that is a bag with wheels that allows you to comfortably carry weights without straining your back. It is the advice of Codacons, which invites to distrust by many misleading television commercials. We had requested the intervention of the Government to protect children from advertising, exploiting the good faith of children, deceive about the real potential of the product; so Codacons directly addresses why the Antitrust intervene immediately and, given the imminence of the school year, provide to suspend provisionally deemed deceptive commercials.”
Codacons encourages parents “to remove these days children via television. This is not, in fact, only a financial issue, because in designer backpacks and items related to cartoon characters or famous toy drives up the cost of the kit up to 40%, but the health of their children. ” With a backpack too heavy, exceeding by 10-15% than that of the pupil, in fact, it increases the risk for the spine, especially for those who already suffer from scoliosis.For those who want a backpack at all costs – recommends Codacons – it is essential to check that you have:
1) One shell. A backless vintage schools bags causes an accumulation weight down; in the absence of padding, also, the books are pressing on the back;
2) Must not be large. One size backpack unnecessarily larger than the need, not only will probably be heavier, but will not allow to compact well its content inside, so that it can not move;
3) Adjustable straps (for a homogeneous distribution of the load on both shoulders) and equipped with secure buckles and easily detachable;
4) Braces wide and well padded.
5) Abdominal belt with buckle. It must be at waist height and with the front coupling to obtain a centered load and to adhere the backpack to the spine, so that no jolts during walk;
6) Handle: appropriate that there is a solid and comfortable handle that allows a good grip;
7) The backpacks with folding openings offer a greater volume but give larger rear unbalance;
8) Remember that even an empty rucksack has a weight that contributes to the total;
9) Check reliability and robustness determined by the quality of the fabric and seams;
10) Check the wash ability of the fabric and instructions. (Adnkronos)