Two Nexus-Smartphones from HTC on the Road: Nexus M1 and S1

Everything points to the fact that HTC will make Google’s next two Nexus-smartphones-now under the two aliases S1 (Sailfish) and M1 (Marlin).
This is not the first time that rumors swirling in the air that HTC will produce the next Google Nexus-smartphones. Now have two different sources confirmed the original rumor independent each other, and everything points to why that HTC is indeed on the road with two new Nexus phones in cooperation with Google.
First there is the well-known Twitter tipster, evleaks, as in a tweet has written that HTC will stand behind a set of Nexus phones with the finished Android N software. Internally at Google, they have gotten dæknavnene S1 and M1, this sound at the end.
It got the home page Android Police, which has close sources to Google, to publish more info about what they know. Here we have for some time been aware of dæknavnene Sailfish and Marlin, and now you are confident enough in his case to report that there probably are talking about the same two units, when talking about the names S1 and M1 as well as Sailfish and Marlin.

Continues the tradition of names from fish

Google has a tradition of giving its Nexus products internal aliases after fish. Examples of these are the Angler (Nexus 6 p), Bullhead (Nexus 5 x), Shamu (Nexus 6) and hammerhead (Nexus 5). The same applies with the Sailfish and Marlin, where also the abbreviations S1 and the M1 makes good sense in relation to the digraph on the internal aliases.
In addition to the various names for the two Nexus-smartphones from HTC shows no other information from evleaks and Android Police about the phones. In the original rumor back to January showed however, both screen sizes and other model numbers (T50 and T55), but these look so does not appear to be in use anyway. But HTC as the producer of two Nexus phones are as good as certain.
Since Android N, which right now is tested and as the two Nexus-smartphones come with, first fully developed in 3. quarter of 2016, there is continued between 2-4 months yet for a launch of the phones.