Ultimate Streaming App Is Now Available in Google Play Large

AllCast app, as in a period have been in beta, is now seriously ready to stream content up to living room altar.
When our content just quickly want to appear forward to friends and family, it can often be an advantage to get it up on the living room altar. In addition, it should of course also like to be wireless.
It can be a new app for the Android platform help. The app is called AllCast, and have for a time been in beta (testing period). It is now publicly available in Google Play Large.
Versatile knowledge
The app can stream local content that is already on the device, but also cloud-based content delivered via the Web. The streamed content can immediately be sent to both Apple TV, Roku players, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.
There should also be opened up, even to some smart-tv from both Samsung and Panasonic can receive streamed content from the app.
Sometimes 3. -party developers really hit the spot on the app-functionality that can delight many customers, and I wonder if AllCast goes under the category.