Uncomplicated Smartphones For The Older Generation

Just for the elderly, it is important that they have a Smartphone, which can be operated easily and is thus not as complicated. Find out here what should be noted and whether or not worth a seniors smartphone at all.
A Seniors Smartphone characterised thereby that it is easy to use and some additional features exist, such as for example an emergency button or extra-large be serving fields. For easier operation manufacturers mainly on a clearly crafted menu and often make help texts available, which appear when an application starts.

For whom is a senior Smartphone?

A senior Smartphone is worth only for people who also use the additional features. Otherwise, a significantly cheaper mobile enough, if it wants to only make calls and write SMS. Thus an argument for such a Smartphone might be, that the user wants to
install likes certain apps and use for example Whatsapp to stay with my grandchildren and children in contact. Such a Smartphone is suitable also for someone who is on the road a lot and on the Internet want access to check bus or train timetables. On the other hand, can be a smart phone for the elderly once a quite a change and needs some time to get used to the operation.

Our Smartphone recommendations

Doro liberto 825

The manufacturer of Duro is top leaders currently on the market for the elderly mobile phones and Smartphones. The Doro liberto 825 is the latest Smartphone of manufacturer. With a 5-inch display, the Smartphone has a good control size and is not too small. But instead of installing Android 5.1 , the manufacturer Doro has adapted to the surface and thus simplifies it for seniors. Thus, older people are no longer overwhelmed with app icons, but have the most important actions in the foreground directly. Nevertheless, it is still a full-fledged Smartphone. Another important feature is compatibility with hearing aids. There is an 8-megapixel camera available for photos. Fixed contacts can be contacted via an emergency call key on the back.


Also, Emporia has focused on Smartphones and cell phones for seniors. First, the EmporiaSMART does not seem like a Smartphone. But if one collapses the button cover, a 4.5-inch display hides behind it. The manufacturer has settled a stylus for a better operation of the Smartphone. Emporia has also adapted the Android interface greatly. Apps and functions are represented thus enlarged, so that the operation and detection will be easier. Because Emporia used only Android 4.4.2 KitKat’s is not sure whether the Smartphone gets security updates in the future.

LG WineSmart

Unlike the previously mentioned seniors Smartphone the LG WineSmart has a keypad and is a clamshell phone. For seniors, so a physical keyboard benefit is such a by a normal landline phone are used and so quick and easy phone numbers can enter. The LG WineSmart is equipped with Android 5.1.1 and relatively current around the most common apps to install.

Create alternatives with Android smartphones

Thanks to an option almost every Android Smartphone can be appropriately prepare for seniors. In almost all Android smartphones, the option in the preferences, the easy mode hides or simple mode is called.
Once you have enabled the simplified home screen, this will be converted and app icons grow automatically. In addition, the system creates the most important apps on the home screen. This way, you can make fit nearly every Smartphone for seniors. There are no restrictions in the functionality. You can install Messenger apps for example as before. However, stock Android Smartphones do not offer this option.


You can repurpose an Android smartphones with the simplified representation in a seniors Smartphone.If it but still too complicated, you are the better choice especially on seniors of coordinated smartphones.Thus there is no problem more for senior citizens in contact with her family to stay and to deal also with the technology that can help them a lot in everyday life.