Underwire Bra: History, Advantages And Disadvantages

Millions of women use them daily. Another both reserve them for special occasions. The truth is that few are the women that do not include any bra Underwire in your lingerie collection.

Underwire Bra History, Advantages And Disadvantages
Allies to give support and a more attractive appearance of breasts under clothing, Underwire bras are the big favorites of the shaper lingerie.
Then we invite you to discover its history, its main features and advantages and disadvantages of this model of support.
What is a bra Underwire?
It is called bra Underwire to those clips that have a rigid structure on the inside bottom of their cups. This rigid structure is thin, usually made of metal, plastic or resin, has semicircular shape, is covered by the BRA fabric (so there is no direct contact with the skin) and extends below the treetops from the center of the chest below the armpits.
You can also find the ring in different styles of bra, either type shirt, balconette, push up, bra adhesive, etc. Follow this link for more.
and it is a great favorite among different pieces of lingerie styling.
A bit of history
The concept of this support, which is today the most popular in the world, was born at the end of the 19th century. In 1893, a woman named Marie Tucek of New York, registered the patent for a bust support. The invention is described as a plate made of rigid material (cardboard, metal, etc.) and covered in gender (silk, cotton, cloth, etc.) which was in line with the torso below the breasts. It conformed to the shoulders with straps cross “X” on the back and closed with hooks. The gender with which the plate was coated stretched beyond the limit of the plate, forming a sort of pocket (or cups) where rested the breasts. Many other similar patents followed.
During the Decade of the ‘ 30 is delivered also several patents for different artifacts that sought to provide support and shape to the breasts of the woman. The ring was always present, but in different formats. Although the largest development of patents occurred during the Decade of the ‘ 30, it wasn’t until the ‘ 50s, just after the end of the second world war and the liberation of metals for use in general, Underwire BRA took extreme popularity.
Since then and until today, Underwire Bras became the big favorites and basic absolutes of the lingerie.
An anecdote
In the 1940s, during the filming of the movie ‘The Outlaw’, the famous Howard Hughes designed and ordered to make a bra push up with metal ring for actress Jane Russell with the aim of highlighting your bust as best as possible. The design was not successful since the actress complained about its great discomfort and it is said that he avoided using it to such as it would result. This piece is currently part of a museum collection in Hollywood.
Advantages and disadvantages of the BRA Underwire
The advantages of the BRA Underwire are basically two. The first is support of the breasts, which becomes a benefit particularly attractive to women with large breasts. This extra support allows you to contribute to the relief of everyday fatigue in back and waist.
The second advantage main of this type of support is evident from the appearance of the breast improvement since ring separates them, lift them and gives them shape.
If we talk about the disadvantages, the first item to be considered is the discomfort generated by the pressure of the ring against the skin when it is used for a few hours.
If you have to wear a bra Underwire you must be careful with how you wash it. Forget the normal cycle in the washing machine. Or you do it by hand or with special delicate cycle. Wash wear causes the metal ring to break the fabric and come in direct contact with the skin, causing discomfort ranging from allergic reactions to uncomfortable “pricks”.
On many occasions he has linked to Bras Underwire with certain problems of lactation, as for example the mastitis. Consultation with your doctor about whether it is suitable to use it or not as you breastfeed your baby.
Although it is not a general situation, have been known cases in which the BRA Underwire has interfered in the detection machines of metals from airports or other buildings with security, causing great discomfort who wore the BRA. In fact, the Triumph brand released in 2001 a bra called “Frequent traveller” where the metal ring is replaced by one made of resin.
Although the disadvantages appear to outweigh the advantages, Underwire BRA definitely continues to be the biggest favorite of all time.