UterqüE Vs Zara: Same Pattern but Different Price

It must be very difficult to have more than 6 fashion brands and each follow a completely different style. I speak of the Inditex Group and their different clothing firms, and is that I found 3 models of shoes (Uterqüe Vs. Zara) very similar to each other but with a huge price difference.

What’s the difference? Yes, I suppose that the materials used make the difference once in hand but in times that are, is it worth spending double on a model that We can find in half? Personally, not.
And it is that if I had spent me the €100 that cost Uterqüe wooden sandals and days later found them me in Zara TRF for €46 she angry me. If not I would much rage. Well it is true that the target of a signature is not the same as that of the other, would then why have the? same models?
Similar is the case of these salons of medium black toe heel: the difference between both is that in economic (Zara) version is add details in gold. While the first model costs €80, the second is in the half: €40.
And golden color and we find these two dancers with bow at the toe. There are differences between them, but not as a It is worth twice as much as the other, or Yes?
What do you think?