Vampire Costume for Halloween DIY

We present an idea for a DIY (see Abbreviationfinder definitions about DIY meanings) costume vampire for Halloween. The impressive presence is guaranteed with dark red cloak formed waves from neck to feet.

Vampire Costume for Halloween DIY
Become the most spectacular creature of the night, which strikes fear in his desire to feed with another dose of blood. It is preferable to combine a formal cloak trousers, white shirt and tie. However, you will be king of scary night. More suits for men can be found in our article “Costumes for Halloween for men”.

Materials needed:
1. 2.5 m red taffeta
2. Shears
3. 1.5 meters of red tape (a cloak)
5. Different widths of tape in various shades of red (for medals)
6. Basic supplies for sewing
7. Tight adhesive glue
8. Assorted small pompons
9. 50 cm. Wide and 5 cm. Long red ribbon
10. 2 m long and 10 cm. Long black velvet ribbon (for belt)
11. A small paintbrush
12. Safety pins
13. Fast curing adhesive
14. Four stars of template
15. Fangs
16. Iron
1. Fold the piece of taffeta, which have on a suitable surface. 40 cm. Fold it (the future collar). Ironed to get a nice edge where it is bent. With needle and thread sewn red tape to the fabric (as shown in photo). Leave 30 cm. On each side of the tape sticks for tying.
2. Cut out squares of golden paper. Fold them in half and cut out triangles. The idea is to shape the edges of the star. By expanding will receive a mirror and you will be a star. You need 4 small stars, 3 slightly larger and 2 large.
3. Cut a rectangle 3 of 3 shades of red tape to use them to make the medals. Glue them on one another with fast curing adhesive. Make jagged effect at the bottom (as shown in photo). On each set of 3 strips attach a star.
4. Each and ready medals stick on the widest red tape you have.
5. Wear formal shirt and black trousers. Tie black taffeta around his waist plays belt. Hook and widest red ribbon with medals on one side of the cloak and the other – for the belt (again with a safety pin). Make a bow tie with a piece of dark red ribbon, which are to grips advance.
Ready, congratulations!