Varsity Jacket for the Kids!

Are you reminded that we talk about the famous high school jackets,(that’s right, those of the American movies that every college or school athlete wears) that are the key pieces of the season? Well, they’ve become icons for 2014, and not just for men and women … Now it’s the turn of kids to make their days cooler with them.

And the new Marisol collection has also been #fashionkids inspired and has a variety of Varsity Jackets!

Look at these two female models below for the girls. It has all the delicacy that girls need to have, and the unique style of the piece.

The fever of “such a mother, such a daughter”(or such a father, such a son) is more and more present, and there is nothing better than leaving the child with your face, right ?! It looks super cute and modern.

And for the boys, the colors and prints are even more lively and unclothed. Make that super style production pro big boy and mix denim pieces with the jacket stays ball show.

Abuse urban inspirations to dress your child, letting him say so too. Besides having fun with stylish clothes, it will look like Dad.

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September 29, 2017

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