Vintage 80s Fashion

For women, the 80s, post hippie wave, represented what was of more modern and liberated in the style of dress and daring. It was the arrival of pop, dance clubs and a lot of freedom to combine everything with nothing and making perfect sense. The looks of 80s were so cool that they are used on the streets, and some say it was the best sets of all for freedom of expression. It was even a decade ago.

Vintage 80s Fashion
And did you know that the style of 80s looks fashion? Famous as Sarah Jessica Parker and Rihanna have already shown their inspirations in the streets, proving that the more fun and sexy simbols thrower is one of the strongest of universe fashion.

To Assemble Accessories 80s Looks

Tulle skirt -serves for the day, for the night or just out on the street and abusing of lust, because it is transparent. Looks like a piece of carnival, but girls of that time if inspired by acts to use tulle as the fabric more liked by their strong colors. Pink tulle skirt combines with several parts.

Leg warmer -piece of gym? No! Colorful sock with legwarmer with shoes is a modern combination and totally inspired by idols of two decades ago. The more colors the better!
Leggings pants -by giving freedom of movement, was one of the favorite pieces by skinny girls and I loved to enjoy a good night of partying and fun. The play still leads in use by being comfortable. To inspire even more on the artists of the time, use a short skirt or shorts over her leggings and will be even more similar to the original fashion.
Colorful panty -some say that the piece looks good with everything, but not quite. Used with boot and even tennis, you’re wearing 80s style. But don’t push play for use in formal venues, is one more look to unwind.
Cropped blouse – do you think this is new? Madonna was using since Like a Virgin! The model must be combined with, vintage buttons made of metal, high waist and requires a belly fit. You don’t have to be negative belly, but you have to be up to date with the diet to use.

The Artists More Fashions of the 80s

Seeking inspiration to ride your visual? The best symbols of the decade can help you with your clothes on stage on the streets. The paramount is pop singer Queen Madonna music, which launched the colored fuses style and combine anything with anything and everything right. Who also rocked by those crazy years was the Cindy Lauper, representative of the single fever of the time Girls just Want to Have Fun. Take a peek at cougar visual can generate great inspirations.