Vintage Bike Jackets

Soon to be times of more wind and cold, thus can not neglect our body when it comes out in mountain biking. Ideally in mountain bike jackets is that they maintain a good temperature in the body but at the same time they do not hinder our March, either in the mountains or in the city.

Vintage bike jackets:

I think mountain biking jackets for winter are one of the technical products with more variety in the market. There are thermal, breathable, WINDSTOPPER, depending on what use are going to give you and among characteristics we find thousands of intermediate points.

Vintage Bike Jackets

It should also be aware that we will not find the perfect jacket for everything. Which is very breathable used to be too cold and is very protective of the cold is too warm sometimes.
Thanks to technology we could shape properties of tissues to our will. Membranes like Gore-Tex, technologies like Internetages (, Wind Tex, Climate Cool, Dry Fit, Thinsulate, Super Roubaix, etc; each brings a magnificent properties but must learn to choose what we will be better in every case.
You should look at that mountain bike jackets are made thinking in the riding position. Get a simple test: put it to you and stretch the arms, and check that the sleeves are not left on the forearms and the stomach, chest and back you is tight, but that you can close it without problems. It should be shorter front to back and the neck should be long. Check out that zipper runs well, that the union system is robust and also have at least one internal flap that don’t miss air.

The ideal would be to have at least two vintage cycling jackets. A part of consistent coat that has good relationship between generate heat and block the air (Wind Gore-Tex, Windstopper, etc) and secondly a jacket type membrane, do not miss anything air that is light and also eject steam’s our transpiration (Gore Tex and similar membranes). In this way you have covered all possibilities of atmospheric conditions. It is better to stop 30 seconds to take off or put on a coat, which lose hours to grab a good “pajarón” by an absurd sweat or lose their fondness for the bike in winter by the last tiritona that left you blocked for hours.

Vintage Raincoats

How, also in the raincoats of life there was a step forward in quality and range of benefits in the tissues that make these protective clothing. From the most basic PVC raincoat (they are more thick, heavy and therefore you sweat more), to the most sophisticated fabrics of last generation, you have to find is that they repel the maximum amount of water and therefore the wind.
You can then start to look at benefits such as breathability and lightness and a technical failure, but that is mostly waterproof.
There are new fabrics that considerably increase the price, but they are incredible for its lightness and efficiency, Gore Textype. These are fairly breathable and also do not let any water even by the seams that tend to be Thermo-sealed. Seeks to have “pianist tail” so cover you the rear and thus the water and mud of the rear wheel not splash your back.

Vintage Jerseys

The jersey is a garment that you never notice until tests it you and that, since that time, becomes an indispensable for you article. Removes the cold in the most sensitive part, breast, and lets you breathe less necessary areas. In the image above, they are jerseys of brands.
You’ll find fabrics breaker, good for cold days and other waterproof fabrics which are more correct to be stored folded out for descents or if rain arrives.
By input or cold winter that is, the bike cannot be saved. We love to enjoy the mountain to see the nuances of the winter and if we keep us there will be no problem.