vintage Fashion Guide

After Goldy Mama and Omaya Vintage is a new vintage you travel offers, today still, Mariama. Music and vintage fashion, the recipe remains the same. Alone, the scenery changes. For this third and final episode, singer
takes you antiquing at Vintage desire, a thrift store in the 1980s located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Dresses, blouses, skirts or even boots, check out the fabulous shopping of Mariama at Vintage desire! Vintage + Guitar + soulful voice = 6 minutes of video to share!

Mariama share all his fashion tips! After a trip at Goldy Mama and a descent at Omaya Vintage, the singer is “break” for a new thrift store. For this third and final episode, Mariama leads you at Vintage desire, a thrift store in the 1980s located in the 4th district of Paris.

In the heart of the Marais, Mariama finds his happiness. At Vintage desire, she finds black boots but not only. Better yet. She finds a red leather boots! In 5 minutes time, the pro of the good addresses of thrift stores is a complete outfit: blouse and skirt with polka dots. And then, just enter, neither one nor two, she get an evening gown.. .it who somewhat has the gift to tease us.

Dresses, blouses, skirts or even boots, Mariama was the superpower of vintage fashion, a true gift of retro. Style, elegance, and beauty as a bonus.

Vintage fashion dusted by an air guitar and a dose of soulful voice, it’s the explosive cocktail of shopping at Vintage desire Ewenzhou.

And who knows… hers might well give you ideas…

Thanks to Mariama for his kindness and the shop Vintage desire for its warm welcome.


Easy Way Out, new album of Mariama

Vintage desire, 32 street of roses, 75004 Paris