Vintage Wool Jackets and Coats

With the arrival of winter, women’s coats leave all the most sophisticated and elegant women, usually winter brings with it a very exquisite fashion, it seems that women in this season great pride a little more visual, is not it? With the drop in temperature, the coats become key parts in the female wardrobe.
The coats winter 2016 are already giving the air of grace in the windows and mall stores, repair only! Even with the heat that still prevails in most of the country, the shops is already bringing elegance back in a little more elaborate costumes. Every season, we can see new trends, looks that will be used throughout the winter.
Varieties of women’s coats are many and it is even difficult to name their names, for surely some will be left out, but at the top of the list most wanted among the women folk are the jackets, parka, cardigan , sweater, bolero, especially and blazer .
But in winter this year, we can notice the back of cardigans and sweaters handmade in the colors: earth, red, blue, white, pink and beige that will be used in various combinations according to the style of the woman. These coats are trend and combine with all ages, so even if the winter is ending is worth checking and ensure its because over the years just change the parts that can compose your look to be appropriate to what it is in fashion this year and ready! They have an air half European, a style Sherlock Holmes leaving the more feminine and elegant woman, and very charming, of course!
Many women do not like to use the wool coat to be somewhat bulky. But in winter the volume becomes inevitable since the body needs to keep warm, and comfort, it look like a robot with so many layers of clothing cannot be a good idea.
Cardigans can be extremely elegant and stylish, and very warm and comfortable. For colder days have the option to opt for heavier coat models, and for quieter days blouses with wider points that are more levinhas. The cardigans are key parts in the winter because they are famous for adding beauty to production, are very warm and ideal for places that undergo a cold a little more rigorous.
The advantage of wool is that we can find on the market today models varied and different colors, or some shorter pieces to the waist as we know trench coat, or some that reach mid-thigh / knee. And to innovate in the winter look, use and abuse of overlap, if you have difficulties go to the mirror and do experiments, so you also get to train your gaze. The important thing is you get a sense when choosing your piece, see if the coat as well as beautiful if the material is good, setting it in your body. Never only look at the price without considering the quality of the piece and how it suits him to wear, because, good quality wool often not the cheapest.
Typically, most of the female audience makes the choice to leave the coats waists, because even with these jackets so many overlapping parts outline silhouette. This year, the colored clothes will prevail in any season, then bet on cheerful combinations whenever possible. For those who are more classic, discrete models with traditional and neutral courts also remain high.
As women’s wool coats in vintage combine with various types of clothing, women can feel free to make various combinations as are perfect when used more as tights leggings, skinny or cigarrete. To give a touch more glamor to the look, opt for boots or ankle boots that besides being the station face, lengthen the silhouette.
One of the pieces of wool that will be widely used this year is mainly a chic piece that leaves elegant modern women. They appear in long or middle versions, too long are not indicated for short stature of women. The incredibly low are best with medium size that does not leave you with the flattened appearance.
Major brands bet on woolen garments with excellent quality finishes, which makes the most sophisticated clothing can be used for social events.
The models wool coats over skirts and cropped match tailoring cut shorts, not to get cold, opt for a half thick wire pants. Charming are also the wool bolero with long sleeves that can be worn over dresses highlighting the beauty of the composition.