VW Beetle Watch

The wristwatch of the beetle 38/06 is a tribute to the Urkafer of the 1930s. The dial recalls the speedometer of the cult car.
With hardly another car is known as ‘Cult car’ aptly as with the VW Beetle. The first models from the 1930s with the legendary “pretzel”window have particularly high collector value. A copy of such a watch collection was made from parts now.
The small car with the distinctive curved shape was the first car for the masses, was by the workers as well as loved by the instructor or hippie. In innumerable blockbusters such as “Herbie” or Dudu”, the VW was immortalized beetle, or”Beetle”, as the Americans called him, and elevated to the cult. The car, which was built from 1938 to 2003 was sold about 22 million times. Only a few examples exist from the early years. A world’s only three existing bugs in 1938, with the typical pretzel window in the rear, was recently in Lithuania rediscovered – parts of it are now processed in a watch collection.

Original Parts from the Pretzel Beetle

Probably, to take advantage of the eternal worship to the beetle, the German watch company has with Scalfaro “the beetle 38/06” put a watch on the market, the original parts of the classic beetle with the chassis number “38/06” in a small Chamber in the watch case in Kemarik includes. On the functionality of the clock however does not change, instead dealing with the knowledge to carry a piece of beetle history on the wrist. The idea was developed together “Beetle watch” of Hesse collector family Basic man and restorers. The watch, which is equipped with a mechanical Swiss Unitas hand-wound movement, is made in Switzerland, according to a2zdirectory.

Design Elements of the Urkafers

Visually the once by Ferdinand Porsche to remind developed “Urkafer”, the black, shiny dial has the “the beetle” Silver matte elements of 38/06 speedometer and is decorated with anthracite-colored pretzel window below the 12. The gate of the VW 38/06 is also shown as a graphic within the circle of small seconds. The case back is engraved with pretzel window and Edition number.The beetle homage but stops at the bracelet, because it is made from Horseback, instead of at the Urkafer grey melliertem fabric.
The “the beetle 38/06” will cost around 1500 euros is limited to 630 pieces – on the one hand, to achieve a higher collector’s value, but above all, because the resources of the old beetle are soon exhausted Molly. But there’s still more cult car, whose parts Scalfaro themselves can.
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