Wall Vinyl Designs With Tetris Tiles

On Monday , August 29, we celebrated the International Day of Videogame. In TeleAdhesivo, as it could not be otherwise, we also want to celebrate this day our way: with decorative vinyls. 
And we have not thought of a better way than designing a couple of wall models (yes, we’ll do more!) With pieces from legendary and well-known Tetris.
The possibilities offered by these pieces are infinite, limiting only our imagination and the space we have. By choosing different sizes of vinyl we can adapt to the surface without problem, starting from small sizes, with which we can decorate vinyl doors, windows, tables etc. To larger sizes for entire walls and large surfaces as described in act-test-centers.
In TeleAdhesivo we sell loose Tetris tiles in decorative vinyl , so you can choose the number of pieces you want, the right size and the color you like. In these two designs we have made, each piece of the same type goes in the same color, but you can choose to choose different colors to make the pattern more colorful.
For placement, we recommend placing a grid on your surface, with strips that can be drawn with fine pencil (to be removed later) or with body tape or similar that you can remove once you have placed your vinyl. This would be ideal for a piece-by-piece placement. As it is a manual work of several pieces, you can take this one as a manual, and spend time in it little by little, to enjoy the work.
However, if you like this type of art in Tetris and would like to order a model already made on a single vinyl sheet, you can also contact us to assess this possibility .The advantage of making the design in a single sheet is that you would get the composition in a roll, which you would only have to put on the wall and place as indicated, without having to join pieces with others. So… it will be for options!