Warmest Lightweight Fleece Jacket

The fleece jacket is a jacket made of synthetic material, very hot and also very light. This is a favorite jackets athletes playing in cold environment (mountaineering, hiking, running, etc.).
But do you really know what the polar? What are its advantages and disadvantages? And the price to pay for a good fleece jacket-without being have on quality?
When choosing his fleece jacket is sometimes forgotten a small detail that turns out to be disturbing for use later. It is hard to think of anything, unless it was used to buy this kind of jacket (but in this case you would not be reading me).

On this site dedicated to the fleece jacket, I will explain how to choose your fleece jacket depending on your usage, the differences between the models and the small things useful to know when buying.
Use a cup of your favorite hot drink, and sit comfortably in front of your screen. You will soon know much more about fleece jacket that the majority of people.

Features a Fleece Lightweight Jacket

The polar-type material was designed for lightweight fleece jackets in the late 70s, that is to say there is a little over 30 years now, to keep warm without being as heavy as other materials.
At the time the only way to keep warm was donning a wool sweater on another wool sweater, another wool sweater. On another wool sweater.
Today it can be kept warm in a small fleece jacket 300 grams (barely twice the weight of a shirt) without dying of heat because the polar is a material that breathes and keeps the heat in within the same time.
A fleece jacket is made of polyester, sometimes mixed with elastane to make it flexible and resilient-and thus facilitate the movements of the user.
The pole is light and compressible. On the ranks easily in a bag when it gets too hot, and the spring when the wind picks up or the temperature drops in the evening.
It is the favorite garment seasoned hikers, as it is so light and unobtrusive that we willingly put in her bag “just in case” and would like very hot.
Some polar patterns are lined with a layer of warm fleece, and still hold warmer than the single pole models.