Washing Machine Importance

One day I’d like the washing machine… If you try to ask this question to a million moms you’ll probably most varied responses. It all depends on the relationship that one establishes with this appliance, that when you become a mom is pretty much essential. Because maybe you can wash a stack of dishes humming in the kitchen, but I challenge anyone to spot-clean by hand the body that produces a baby. If by single, then, could be fun a bet at the laundromat, which is very New York and that it may even be a place for interesting encounters, with the offspring in tow, that changes everything.

The washer for mom is not only the most convenient way to wash the linen, it is a multifunctional object: raise your hand if you’ve never used as a changing table. Not to mention the cathartic effect/antidepressant laundry: when everything goes wrong, there’s always a washer to start. After “disposed of” the dirty it feels magically better. Of course, the bad is it will go, when tap Undo it and spread out. Here, on this many moms maybe would agree: someday I wish the washing machine … you accidentally become wet they flew alone and heads to put on the clothes line like in the movie “Fantasia”.
In reality it happens even in the best families to forget underwear and socks into days (by the way, did you know that in those cases the trick is not to open the door?)
But we come now to our catalogue of mom lavanderine:

The lava-manic

For you do your washing machine is a mission, sorts the heads with a Swiss precision, owns detergents for any shade of gray and all kinds of additive, knows all the programs to perfection and uses them all with good reason. Prides itself on recognizing the brand of a fabric softener just by the scent and its porthole shines without a Halo. If sinister misfortune to forget a red sock in the laundry probably would commit suicide, but surely kills those who try to charge his basket without permission. For future washing machine can only reserve a maniacal performance increasingly excellent with sophisticated programs that require years of study and instruction booklets extremely complicated. A function, however, the press in particular: electric shock for those who make a wrong move.

The careless

In the laundry just doesn’t take his head. He spinned the identity documents of the whole family and bleached several times the memorabilia of his son, hidden in pockets of the jeans. The tissues have even blocked the water filter and you don’t count heads are faded and felted sweaters. However, careless mother confides in stride and thinks that one day will come on the market the washer with the Navigator, which will guide you step by step on the right path.

The multitasking

She loads the basket while it is in conference calls with Shanghai, chooses the program nursing newborn, adds detergent and meanwhile listen to the son who repeats geography. Sure, sometimes it’s a bit dismissive, but you can’t say that bother with laundries. He dreams of a washing machine by voice commands, so you can start while it dries the glaze.

The lava-green

No detergents with surfactants, bleaching and softening washbasin, prohibited, but nuts that you can safely replace with vinegar, water and power awareness to the loads. For her a washing machine of dreams that respects the environment and that perfectly wash in cold water without SOAP.

The imprecise for linen

Knows and uses a single program and load the laundry as men do, in handfuls. You divide whites colourful is an exhausting waste of time. Does excessive use of acchiappacolore and resigned to send her children with blued underpants. In his house “the whitest white you can’t” does not exist, but she is not a concern. One day invent a model washers anti-bleeding …

Desperate housewife

It can happen even to the most mundane and social among us to have a run down (between pregnancies, pre-partum lactating women, sleepless nights, crisis and post partum) where do a washing machine gets the utmost transgression of a dark day. The porthole window to be fixed in zen meditation style and spinning a shot of life encourages you to action. Luckily usually does not last long, but in those moments there you want a washing machine model Freud, able to interpret dreams and hunting ghosts.

Money saving mom

No more than two washers per week and full to bursting. Departure strictly at night (because of the bands), prohibited the pre-wash and 40° c max temperature allowed. The dream of doing laundry at no cost is too futuristic? Then maybe you should go back to hand-cranked models used by our grandmothers!
We were invited along with other mom bloggers to the event #mieleperlemamme, where showroom in via Moscova will be presented the new washers and dryers Miele super technological characteristics and innovative design. He gets one washer from futuristic functions to reconcile all kinds of moms? To be continued
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