Watch myth: Five exciting watch Stories

Taken literally watch myths tell us about our relationship with the watch brands.
The word “Myth” may refer to a legendary story or story that reflects the relationship of people to their gods in the Greek. Taken literally, watch myths tell us something about our relationship with the watch brands. So far, so good. Many stories are well known and are cannibalized by the manufacturers plenty. Others sound like a predator gun, let us smile or stimulate thinking. 
Here rrrjewelry will tell you these watch stories:

Rolex: Payment After the War Required

Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf was known for his unusual advertising efforts. Those spectacular channel crossing on the arm of the beautiful Secretary Mercedes Gleize was immortalized on many promotional brochures. Less known, however, is a campaign that Wilsdorf undertook during the second world war in German prisoner of war camp. He sold Rolex watches on credit to there sitting British officers because you sont could afford no payment during their stay. Wang hoped for an Allied victory and the good manners of its customers. The Bill paid off: at the end of the war was won and the most gentlemen were honored and paid. This story will remain until today, a fine example of full confidence of a company in its clientele and unshakeable faith in a Happy ending.

A Patek Against Homesickness

Also US air force Lieutenant Charles Woehrle from Minnesota was air in March 1944 in the German POW camp Stalag III hospitalised. He was shot down earlier in the attack on a German submarine with his aircraft. The prison camp later became a template for the feature film “The Great Escape”. Some of the inmates had tried to escape in a spectacular attempt to break through a tunnel dug itself. Wohrle not belonged to it though he as all prisoners every day on his distant homeland thought and longed for the end of the war. One day he had an advertisement by Patek Philippe in the hands – at that time the most prestigious watch brand in the world. He wrote to Patek and showed his watch dream interest in a wristwatch with the reference 1461. months went by and he had almost abandoned as commissary a day a package from Geneva.You had actually sent him the watch. Wohrle and his comrades at the wonderful timepiece enjoyed for the rest of the time in the camp. Was paid as at Rolex until after the war. In April 1945, the camp was liberated by General Pattons troops. The ticking hero of this wonderful story remained long when its owner, the watch was stolen in the 1970s in a break-in. Woehrles niece became aware of his history, she was so moved that she wrote to Patek Philippe. There was one impressed and Charles Woehrle sent to once again watch a Patek. Unfortunately there is no copy of the missing watch longer. So he got a gold Patek from the early 1950s – this time given.

Steve McQueen and his Black Cinderella

Already much has been written about the women of Steve McQueen. Neile Adams, Ali MacGraw, Barbara Minty – the women’s names in the life of the Hollywood Idol form an endless chain of prized beauty. His watches, which he wore in his films were no less spectacular. Watch this scene was all the more astonished when images from McQueen with an until then unknown bracelet chronograph appeared several years ago. The images show the actor in motorcycle racing clothes. In 1964, he was a member of the U.S. national team at the international motorcycle off-road racing race in Erfurt to guest. On the start a Flieger Chronograph of brand Hanhart from the Black Forest, probably in the year purchased was previously in Germany. The clock from now on again surfaced on the arm of the King of cool. It would be probably sank alongside the Rolex and This year Watches, watch crazy did not find them. While the top models were already during the lifetime of the stars iconic watches his Hanhart came to late fame. The unusual timepiece is also to see who had made his last wife Barbara Minty he strictly kept private shots. Love winning things in life sometimes arise as Cinderella.

Apollo 13 – the Omega Speed Master as Lifesaver

The Mission of Apollo 13 was the first day under a bad star. After an oxygen tank in the service module exploded on the way to the Moon, the planned landing had to be abandoned. The legendary record initiated the subsequent dramatic rescue operation “Houston, we have a problem” and the crew fought for their lives in damaged spaceship. James Lovell, John Salim and Fred Haise had to circle the Moon and then to accelerate the spacecraft through a nearly viereinhalbminütige burning period of the engine of the country. Thus it should be maneuvered towards Earth in a trajectory. This was possible only by the time accurate connection of the engine. Since the electronics was switched off on board, the crew used a carried Omega Speedmaster chronograph timing. The Speed master so the crew saved the lives and award, the highest honor of NASA was honored after returning with the Snoopy.

Decision on Mount Everest

The first ascent of Mount Everest by Sir Arthur Hillary and Tenzing Norgay is closely related to the brand joined the Rolex. The company sponsored the expedition in 1953. But the decisive day of the climb to the Summit of the highest mountain of the world remained the never commercially sold Rolex model, a predecessor of the later Explorer, at base camp. Hillary was a patriot and wore that day–very british – another watch. It was one of Smith’s – made in England – with which he reached the Summit. Even our own model called “Smith’s Everest” after Hillary announced he named and in an advertising message, that he was wearing that day a perfectly functioning Smiths was later. Stupid run you might think. But while the Smiths brand during the economic crisis of the 1980s under the Thatcher their lives breathed out Government, Rolex celebrated many records.
“A moving story increases both the symbolic and financial value of watch”, so Philipp man, the founder of Chronext.