Watches For Christmas

With the approach of Christmas comes the inevitable headache: what to give to this or that family friend? Worse still when we talk about the kind of people who “has everything” and doesn’t like anything …

A watch can be the ideal gift: you don’t have to be a lover of watches to give or receive a watch, even though this may be the first step to becoming an enthusiast; a clock always gives way, even if the person claims that you don’t like to use it – it’s just a matter of habit, and ends up becoming a real addiction, to the point of not being able to leave home without it!

But, above all, with the infinite variety of watches available at Iamaccepted, you always have the assurance that there is the perfect watch for the person who wants to give a gift that will last several years and will cause that person to remember yourself whenever you see the hours.

There are watches for man, woman, boy and girl; to the grandson and grandmother, for the boyfriend and the wife. Whatever the personality of the family member or friend, your way of being, your occupation or hobbies you have, there is a clock that is based on exactly this profile and it seems done on purpose for him.

Find-it may seem a difficult task, but it’s actually not. If the person who intends to offer a watch has a favorite brand, then the problem is solved: search through the collection of this brand, discover the latest news and get to know the historical models. You’ll see that the answer comes for you, and you will find a template that screams “is this!”.

But the task can be as or more interesting if there is a mark on the horizon. A brief search through some of the most respected and popular watch brands, covering different positions (and also different prices) will take you to find a brand that identifies with the person who want to offer this gift. Then simply repeat the previous step: among the different collections, which model is a true mirror of this person?

To help, we left some generic suggestions, separate options for different tastes and purses, this demand for your ideal gift.

For the little ones

The Flik Flak watches can be a fabulous gift for a child, with a fairly acceptable cost (surrounds the €35 | $100), which will mark it for your whole life: who does not remember your first time?

This mark is specialized in watches, committed to create an instrument that more than tell time, teaches you how to read them. With numerous different models for boy and girl, each one is even customizable with dozens of bracelets with different motives and sizes.

Watches for everyone

A safe choice, but by no means least propitious, is the Swatch. With several dozens of models, from the most basic to the most elaborate, classical aspects to other completely eccentric, guarantees an offer as varied as the human essence, and again, accessible to any pocket.

Our suggestion rests on new “007 Villain Collection”, inspired by the films of James Bond villains, with a watch inspired by each of the 21 Bond villains faced and defeated, of course. Indicated even if it isn’t a fan of the spy world’s secret less.

“Fashion victims” – for her pulse

To the wife, girlfriend or friend that is an authentic passionate by big-name brands of the fashion world, a watch brand that most like to wear is a bombastic gift!

And how not to get tired of repeating, the offer is as varied as your tastes. Since urban and casual brands as Fossil or DKNY, passing by more elegant and notorious brands such as Guess, Gant or Hugo Boss, with costs compatible with the notoriety of the brand you choose, you can extend your wrist to the elegance and fashion sense that she does not dispense.

But why stick around? Why not up the ante for world-class brands, she got used to covet in the “sex and the city”?

The watches of brands such as Calvin Klein, Gucci, Armani or Dolce & Gabbana, although more expensive than the previously mentioned, are still the perfect reach of your wallet, consider that many of the garments of the homonymous marks. Real pieces of sets, will melt her heart.

And isn’t that the point?

Front door in the world of watchmaking

If your budget is a little bigger, you can find some more elaborate options, entering under the Swiss watches, running a little to quartz and chasing the mechanical complexity. Although there are also female models, this is already a gift more suitable for a young adult: a good omen of a prosperous future.

Brands like Seiko or Tissot, Swiss, both are great options for budgets between the €400 | R$1100 and €1000 | R$2800. Both cases with fairly complete collections, including classic and elegant examples, also have a very strong sports, so if you are looking for a more modern and aggressive clock, look no further!

If you want to double your budget, the Oris is an excellent choice. With a position not unlike the previous one, the farm already Haute Horlogerie, with more exciting features at a cost not (totally) not a deal breaker.

The sky is the limit

If the price is not a problem for you, then the sky is the limit. There are numerous brands through high-watch that constitute an unforgettable gift, and it’s not even necessary to look for the more expensive to find the best.

In the modern context, we suggest two brands whose names speak for themselves: Omega and TAG Heuer have both an established and prestigious, modern spirit and, especially in the second case, strongly. The Porsche Design can also be an excellent choice for an enthusiast of this tag (or high speeds in General).

In a more classical dimension, where reigns the elegance and status, our option falls in three heavyweight high-Watch: IWC, Franck Muller and Zenith. Top quality, prestige and the traditional Swiss technique are keywords that characterize these marks, guarantees of a truly unique and unforgettable gift.

Good choice and good Christmas!

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July 30, 2017

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