Waterproof Outdoor LED Strips

Waterproof LED strips allow you to enjoy the led outside. Each type of the tape LED is in a tight finish. Options below.

What Do I Need to Install a Waterproof Ribbon?

As the non waterproof LED strips, we make a difference between a single color LED ribbons and ribbons RGB LED.

1 Color
  • An power supply or transformer LED voltage 12V or 24V which LED ribbons need. Instead of a trafo LED, you can also choose an adapter you can immediately connect to the network.
  • A dimmer: a nice extra, but not a necessity. Without drive LED Ribbon works in a maximum way.
  • A waterproof LED strips
  • A power LED
  • A RGB controller : a must for the RGB LED ribbons. It allows you to choose the color, vary the intensity and you choose a program of a certain color. The options depend on the RGB controller.
  • A waterproof RGB LED Ribbon

Choose Between IP65 and IP68

The degree of tightness is expressed in an IP value, according to hetongdiy. For the waterproof LED strips you have the choice between:
IP65 : protection against water jets
IP68 : protection against extended immersion
A Ribbon LED IP65 has a 3 m sticker on the back.
The tape LED IP68 is protected all around and doesn’t have a sticky Strip. We offer an IP68 in following cases : under water, under the edges of the pond, outside in a garden, along the edges of the terrace, etc. Wherever the water may eventually penetrate through the back of the Ribbon.

Waterproof LED Strip

Waterproof LED transformers exist and it sounds so protected that you can “plant” them in the Earth. The adapters are not airtight: he must camouflage them in a connection box.
The dispensers are also the place to keep the dimmer or the RGB controller. Not one of the controllers or inverters is waterproof. Radio frequency inverter can receive rays through the walls.
For the Ribbon LED connections and the ends must be made watertight. The ribbons are delivered on rolls of 5 m and at the ends connections are watertight.
An order for 3 m, we deliver a Ribbon with a side of electric cables and the other side a cut end. With your order you will find a cover that you can fix at the end with a bit of silicone.
In the case of an order of more than 5 m, you must yourself ribbons to each other and seal again with a shrink.

Profile of Ribbon LED

Profiles LED manufacturers advise to use profiles inside. They do as prevention, because they can’t give code IP for profiles. They are manufactured in an aluminium anodized and protected against corrosion.
In fact, they are used to the outside. You can make the choice to place a waterproof IP68 LED in a profile. Or you make your waterproof profile before placing your normal LED.
The two options are not without risk. In the first case, there are only dirt can if introduced in the profile and in the second case your warranty no longer counts during a breach. Consider!