Waterproof Tents

Camping in the rain may not be fun for many people. But camping in the rain and water inside the tent is not fun for anybody.
When we choose a tent, there are some important factors that must be observed to keep zebra at the time of rain. Gives the tips below:
Water column
Is the feature that is used to determine the degree of impermeability of the fabric of the tent. The column of water can vary from 300 to 3000 mm, depending on how much the fabric resists the rain. The higher the value, the more the fabric resist water.
The water column is a determining factor for those who want to go camping in the allcitycodes.com. If you want a tent with a minimum of resistance to rain, do not invest in a with less than 800 mm. If you want a tent with a good resistance to rain, choose a tent with more than 1000 mm. Already if you are a trekker or mountaineer, enjoy wild camps and is willing to face extreme situations, invest in a tent up to 2000 mm.
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Sealed seams
If you’re looking at a situation of camp with rain, it ain’t no use to have a waterproof fabric if the seams are not sealed. Without that water passes easily through the holes of the seam and the result is that rain inside the tent.
Most of the tents come with sealed seams, but that is not a rule.So, whenever you buy a tent, check this information in the technical data of the equipment.
If the tent doesn’t come with sealed seams or they are taking off, you can redo the sealing buying and applying a sealant to Seams.
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Sobreteto complete (to the ground)
If you’re worried that rain on your tent, it is important to understand that some models are more suitable to be used in case of rain.
If you really don’t want to rain inside of your tent, give preference to tents that have full sobreteto, covering the whole room, to the ground.
There are some models that have avancês in the front of the tent, but it is opened. These models of tents, as they have a good water, in case of rain, or wind, or rain storm, water can wet room.
Another type of tent that must be avoided is that with just a dormitory and a “hat” on top, without sobreteto. These models generally have a very low water Column and are not suitable for outdoor camps, since we don’t offer a minimum of security for the camper.

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Reinforcing the waterproofing
It is worth commenting that the chemical treatment that the tissue receives determines if the water resistance will be higher or lower. However, the treatment is not eternal, so the tents go missing sealing as they are exposed to weather, such as rain, wind and, mainly, the Sun’s rays.
So, after a while, if you start to realize that the water started to seep into the fabric, you can apply at sobreteto a waterproofing of fabrics. There are some sprays with this purpose. The application must be done meticulously, on the underside of the fabric (which is inside the tent).
However, this application can be seen only as a palliative to prolong a little tent life. It is not possible to define exactly how this waterproofing can resist.
But that’s not all!
The moisture in your tent, still it is not enough to have a super waterproof and seam sealed super. It is very important that you know your tent and learn to ride using all the features that give resistance to it, especially if you know the rain is approaching!Note tips:
• Sobreteto to tie rods (usually there are strings on the inside of the sobreteto).
• Put all the espeques and let her right after party!
• Attach all binders (strings on the outside), if her own.
These are resources that give stability to the tent. Because, many times, the problem is not only rain but also the wind.
On top of this, it is even more likely that everything takes place well when it rains if you set up camp in suitable location, nestled, away from rivers floods not, etc.
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