Wear The White Shirt With Style

The white shirt is actually a base piece to have in her closet, she is part of the classics who is re-interpret at will, depending on the style you want to wear! It is a piece that simplifies life, because a white shirt goes with everything!
He y’ has several cuts of shirts that exist but I speak mainly of the Basic with little classic collar, traditional white buttonhole and long sleeves! There are many ways to wear it and it’s really for this that many women make the choice to have one or more copies in their dressing room. It is convenient and has the ability to highlight the clothes and accessories that will complement the outfit.
How to wear:
In rolling up the sleeves, this gives a relaxed look and take some out the side strict thereof, but we can also leave the long sleeves, depends on the message you want to communicate. You can wear it with a sober bottom, or colorful, and notably eccentric parts or with anything if it is long enough! Buttoned to the top or open to let appear a little cleavage, both ways are very nice also.
Its asset: She goes to everyone and we can apply it to all styles.
The only downside or negative we can give it is that it is easily messy, so beware stains of makeup! Personally I put it on after me be masked to avoid the disaster, it would be a pity to drop a bit of powder or blush top.
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