Wedding Cake: 8 Exceptional Tips for the Right Choice

We want your marriage to be perfect, just the way you always wanted to. So we’ve separated the best tips for you to choose the perfect cake for your big day. Wedding cake goes far beyond being a mere detail in your planned party, so let’s get down to the tips:

Traditional Cake X Custom

First let’s talk about style. The first choice you should make is whether you prefer a traditional or custom cake. The traditional cake is that multi-storey white cake and beautiful, well-behaved fiends at the top.

The personalized one is the one totally committed to creativity. And, as everyone already knows, there are no limits to creativity. Regardless of your choice, the wedding dress , cake and party decor need to “talk”, meaning they need to have something in common.

Made the first major decision, let’s talk about the presentation of the wedding cake. He is an icon of the party. Most of the photos with family and friends are traditionally taken close to the cake table.


Nowadays, the great tendency is to use American paste (Fondant), which is that super-moldable clay that can be colored or white. You choose! In addition to the Fondant, you also have Buttercream, which is a more creamy cream and needs special attention as it should be kept in a cool environment so as not to ruin it!

And of course we can not forget the new darling, Naked Cake, a more rustic cake in which there is no cover as in traditional cakes and the layers become apparent, as well as the filling.


The decoration of your cake can be made in several ways: lace, pearl, traditional top notch (or not so traditional feathers made of biscuit), artificial or natural flowers, bows, hearts … In the case of naked cake, we recommend that it be decorated with fruits or natural flowers.

Cupcakes Integrating The Cake

Another cool option is to use cupcakes or cakes from mugs integrating the wedding cake, as in these photos:

In this case, the cupcakes can be dispensed in place of the cake slices. In case you choose the mug cake, the mug can still be personalized and delivered to the guests as a reminder of your big day!


It’s not just about appearance that you make a wedding cake, is not it? The filling needs to match the style of the party, but the groom’s taste also needs to be taken into account, after all, the moment is unique and everything should please you.

Get To Know The Work Of Your Confectioner Closely And Taste

Visit some confectioners or candy vendors who make cakes in the style you want. Have variety of options before choosing; Another tip is to taste the work of the confectioner. The tasting is, to our joy and despair (it has to fit in the dress!!), the best part of this step. Be open to the tips of the professional, but do not fail to pay attention to your preferences as well.


We already talk about quality, now let’s talk about quantity. Ideally, each guest should receive at least one slice of cake. Therefore, the size of the cake should be proportional to the number of guests. here at Boothbuying you can get more different models and styles.

Have the number of guests, the number of appetizers that will be served, the plates (if you have one), sweets and drinks in hand, in order to calculate the cake size efficiently.

We know that marriage is very expensive and that the budget should be getting more and more tight, but we have super tips up your sleeve to give you that little hand!

Fake Cake

This is a great option for those who do not want to spend a lot and want to have a beautiful cake. The scenic cake usually has the finish of a real cake, but behind this finish is pure polystyrene … Then just serve the real cake, which will not need to be worked on, because it will only come into play already cut and guests dish.

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September 23, 2017

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