Wedding Dress For Men

What is the wedding dress for the bride is the wedding suit for the bridegroom. The wedding suit for men does not get as much attention as the wedding dress gets, but the right choice is just as important.

But you should inform yourself well before the purchase of a wedding suit for the gentlemen, otherwise it can happen that one is pulled across the table.

At the wedding you are mostly very spendable.It is the most important day in life, because one does not look at the money.And this is what some of the so-called specialist shops use without mercy.If you do not wear a suit every day or do not deal with the matter, you probably will not be so familiar with it.

These are questions about the cut for a men’s wedding suit and especially the material.

Make sure you buy quality and not just pay for the suit just because it is intended for your wedding.This is true not only for the gentlemen.This is often the same for wedding gowns.

An alternative to the purchase is the not so usual suit in Germany.

Wedding suit for men: The right choice

First of all, you have to say that there is not the right or wrong way to buy a wedding suit.You can go to a men’s store or a big department store or buy the suit online. Everywhere you can get a good wedding suit.But it’s about looking closely at the purchase.

Important is the material.Do not let any men wear a wedding suit made of polyester for 600 €.For this money you will get a tailor-made wedding suit with so many masters.

Men who prefer the suit to be super-shining, the suit of polyester is probably better, but do yourself the favor and take a suit of fine cotton.Especially when it’s hot, you’ll notice the difference quickly.

In addition to the usual wedding dress, there are also the more elegant variants such as the tuxedo, cut and frack.Where the differences lie and when, what kind of suit is appropriate, we have briefly summarized you.

The classic tuxedo

The tuxedo is the classic under the suits.The tuxedo is ideal not only for festive occasions, but also as a wedding suit.The tuxedo is what the Americans understand under Tuxedo.If you are invited to a party where the dress code is “Black tie”, the tuxedo is the right choice.

Its characteristics are the scarf collar and the longitudinal strips on the sides of the trouser legs.Man is wearing a black bow tie, collar collar shirt with cufflinks and lacquer shoes.The Kummerbund (a front wider “belt replacement”, which covers the transition from the shirt to the trousers) is nowadays no longer common in the tuxedo, instead there is as American variant also the tuxedo with vest.

The elegant version of the wedding suit: The Cut

The cut (or cutaway) is also called the “dayframe”.He is worn on very solemn occasions before 18:00, after which man changes to tailcoat.The cut consists of a long Cutsakko with dovetail tail, a Stresemannhose (gray with stripes) of a mostly gray or light wedding vest and matching tie or plastron.For this, man wears dark shoes and a shirt, optionally with stand-up collar shirt or normal collar.

The cut is certainly a very stylish choice.It is however at weddings the groom and the bridefather reserved to wear a cut.For the other guests it should be an ordinary wedding suit.

Since most weddings last longer than 18:00, the change must be included in the planning.Besides, it’s a matter of cost, of course, unless you’ve got Cut and Frack hanging in the closet anyway …

After the cut comes the tailcoat

The tailcoat is the most festive garment that can attract men.It consists of a short Fracksakko with swallow tail, a trousers with 2 stripes on each side, a white wedding vest and a likewise white fly (black flies to the tails are reserved for the waiters at exclusive events!).

The outfit is complemented by a t-shirt and black shoes.The tailcoat is used, for example, in the case of state arrivals, large balls, and the like.Events.Therefore it should be selected only at really very solemn weddings.In addition, the tail coat leaves only very little space for individuality, since exactly is specified, which is worn to the tail coat.

At the wedding, close relatives may wear the tail coat, such as the bride or groom .Everyone else should choose a normal wedding suit, unless it is a particularly elegant wedding.

It would also be inappropriate if the bride or grooms wear a tailcoat, and the bridegroom comes along with an ordinary wedding suit.The same is the case with the bride:never be dressed more festively than the bridal couple!

Note: The tailcoat is not worn before 18:00!Before that, you wear a cut, which is also called “Tagesfrack”.This means that whoever wants to wear a tailcoat at the wedding will most likely have to move, since the fewest weddings start after 6 pm.

The matching tie for the wedding

The necktie for the wedding is beside the plastron the classic accessory of the choice to the wedding suit.

The necktie should match the suit and should be matched to the wedding dress.It is therefore sensible to take a fabric pattern of the wedding dress for the purchase of ties.

In most cases, a single-colored tie with light patterns looks much more elegant than one with several colors.However, if you do not want a classic-elegant, but rather choose a different style, for example, you can choose a multi-colored tie.

You can choose the pattern of the tie freely.Popular are elegant or simple patterns.But it is self-evident that the comic tie from the 80s remains for the wedding in the closet!And this also applies to the guests.

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