Wedding Dresses Miss R

Miss R become Madam? The time of a collection, ‘tell me yes’, it’s official: she’s put the ring on the finger. La Redoute stylists have designed three outfits to get married, three opportunities for all future Madame dream in white… without breaking.
Brides and brides-to-be know: find the perfect dress is not an easy task. The price, style, cut, that’s the equation to solve for this garment that symbolizes perfection and the happiness of the day J.

Dress Long, Short Dress, Combination: 1 Bride, 3 Possibilities

The Redoubt had already offered to short wedding dresses to her customers through collaborations with Delphine Manivet, a designer of reference in the field. This season, a new story is written with Miss R. The dress is a piece that has always had a special place in the collections of the brand, it’s an essential clothing to women who play with the codes of femininity. What could be more natural than to play also with the dress of bride?
Stylists have thus declined Miss R codes in a capsule collection that makes you seriously want to be (re) married. There is a choice between a combination, a long dress and a short dress: three interpretations of the wedding dress, three ways to say Yes with style.
“The complicated meringue dress, it’s over, said Sylvette Lepers, Director of the La Redoute style. We wanted to offer a simple, elegant dress, the bride could then wear for different occasions. “These designs are accessible (149.99 euros each) and available in all sizes. “As always, we wanted to offer these pieces to a large audience”, adds Sylvette.

A Stylish Bride

So democratized wedding dress is not less refined, with delicate materials and high quality. Of lace, lace, some pleated… and a iconic the chic french style: bold and elegant without being too primed.
To accompany these dresses, we’ll play with subtly staggered accessories.”The combination will be perfect with a pair of white stilettos, advises Sylvette, but also very modern with sneakers or flats to heels.”
The brides of 2016 will dare the subtle shift, your hair down with some carelessly stitched flowers here and there, a fresh and bright makeup… Long live the brides, and charm the French!