What Clothes to Wear for Wide Hips

Find out how to enhance or disguise wide hips without having to feel uncomfortable!
The wide hips are a problem for many women more than anything else because it is simply not something that depends on the extra pounds but usually is not enough to lose weight and constitution to solve it.

1. Remedies for wide hips

If the problem stems from a bone conformation is not much to do, but if it is just an accumulation of fat, the situation is solved.
Walking or jogging are the most simple and immediate solutions to eliminate the fat deposits on the hips, remember that more time will last the more fat you will burn exercise. The benefits of running, now, are universally recognized: the ideal would of brisk walking for about 45 minutes each day.

Another useful exercise is cycling: it will help reduce the hips and also will train even buttocks and tummy.
The squat exercise is another very simple and easy to do at home without the need to go to the gym. If practiced correctly plus give you a great B-side it can also help to strengthen the hip muscles and thus reduce fat deposits in that area of the body.
To correctly perform the squat, open your legs with your feet slightly turned outwards. Always keep your back straight, bend your knees and lower yourself as if you were to sit. Do not push your knees too far forward and always keep your torso straight. Then straighten your legs and return to his feet.
The ideal would be to do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions of each every day. Results will be seen after a short time.

2. Clothes for wide hips

For any kind of physical need the right clothes or you can risk not to value our figure and look misshapen. For a physique with wide hips it is important to enhance the curves.
To hide wide hips boater the V-necks that will attract attention to the bust turning them away from the sides. You should also seek a balance between bust and hips perhaps choosing a push-up bra for a more hourglass shape in case you are not prosperous.
Always to balance the bust and hips wear machined top and imagination can help us create diversification in the figure. Obviously do not go overboard and choose only decorations that make you feel at ease.
Boater the long shirts also for the day look, if the shirt was too short would emphasize the hips, while choosing long harmonize the figure.
Avoid oversized models. Often to hide a part of our body we women tend to choose very large sizes not knowing that by doing so we will create the opposite effect. Favorite coats or dresses that fall straight, long cardigan and jeans modeling.
You can also bet on accessories strategic wearing belts trying to bring attention to the waist rather than the hips.
Moreover privileged shoes with heels so slim the figure and make it more harmonious.

3. Pants and skirts for wide hips

For trousers a big no to low life: I would only emphasize your hips. Boater the high-waisted trousers or normal cut.
Even the baggy pants are a good ally, just that they are not oversized but straight and wide only on the thigh. The ideal are the palazzo pants maybe a high waist with a waist strap that enhances.
Avoid tight pencil skirts, prefer high-waisted skirts or wheel. As for skirts instead there is no problem, the important thing is that they are not too tight. 50s skirts are ideal to hide wide hips and bring all the attention on life. The leather skirt also that widens on the knees can help, virtually all models skirt with a high waist that widen at the knee or calf are perfect for those with wide hips and want to camouflage them.