What If the Backpack Is Too Heavy?

Like every year, the beginning of school brings with it… tons of books! Which is struggling to bring their own to school every morning! Here are some simple tips for you to ease the daily burden of school! Like every year, punctual starts the catchphrase of too heavy backpacks full of books and school supplies to bring to class every morning.
Think, focusini: doctors recommend a maximum weight of around 4 kg, but the average weight of the backpack of a student far exceeds this limit, as you well know! Arriving at times, up to weights that even an adult would willingly! Who is to blame? On the one hand, very often, teachers exaggerate the demand for material. On the other side, just as often, you are the first students to put in your rucksack everything that happens to you in sight! Not to mention, then, of the fact that, sometimes, the same empty backpacks are not as light as they seem!
The solution could be adopted in many foreign countries. In the movies American set in schools and high schools, for example, you are seen very often the practical lockers in which to store all you can serve every day at school! In Italy, however, this is a habit that does not exist. Especially as books and notebooks should in any event at home, perhaps to finish his homework. A good compromise is to use a trolley with wheels instead of him backpacking. But it is not always possible: if the road to the school is just a little bumpy, for example, or you have to get up and down many stairs, the trolley may not get full at the end of the first quarter!
The 4 Golden Rules
Here are the four golden rules to get on the shoulders (or carry behind you) a friend and not an enemy!

  1. More backpack is bigger weighs even vacuum: you are really sure that you serve such a large backpack?
  2. The shoulder straps should be wide and padded, and should wear both ! Walk around with the slip on one shoulder can make you look cool, but sooner or later your back will ask you to pay your bill.
  3. The backpack must be filled by putting the most heavy books from the side of the back, and then, gradually, the lighter material.
  4. Do not throw it all in bulk: dedicating three minutes to do it right the folder before exiting from school.

The Expert Says
You want to know more? The Italian Group of study of scoliosis and spinal pathologies prepared the Decalogue of the backpack.
Here it is: When buying remember that one. The backpack is “like a dress”: check that the size is not huge 3. Even the empty backpack has a weight that contributes to the total: better than the backpack, the vacuum does not exceed 15-20 percent of your weight 4. Backpacks with bellows opening offer more volume and give a minor rear unbalance 5. The backpack must have the drive back, to distribute the pressure on your back (and avoid the “sack of potatoes” effect) 6. The shoulder straps should be wide and padded 7. It is appropriate that the backpack has a belt to the hips and a chest strap with buckle, in order to better distribute the weight 8. The backpack should have a solid and comfortable handle 9. Prefer backpacks divided into compartments, which help to keep things in order and to distribute the weight 10. Better backpacks with bands of reflective material.
How to use school backpack

  1. Fill the backpack, starting from the back , with larger and heavy books and continuing with books, notebooks, or other dimensions, volume and lower weight
  2. Wear the backpack using both shoulder straps
  3. Adjust well the buckles of the straps
  4. Remember to always use well the abdominal fixing belt
  5. The standing shell must be always well-fitting back
  6. When it is worn, the bottom of the backpack should not be lower than the line of the hips
  7. Occasionally, if your weight is not excessive, you can use the backpack as a folder, holding it from the special handle.


  1. Bring the backpack on one shoulder
  2. Do not overload it with necessary materials
  3. Lift it quickly
  4. Run with a backpack on his shoulder
  5. Tug pulling a companion backpack