What Is The Amaxofobia and Why It Especially Affects Women

Fear of driving. To hit the road. That you arrollen in the city. That car you stalling on a slope. To scratching it against the column of the parking. To you being non-stop because you’re so dead from fear that just raisins of the twenty kilometers per hour. According to a study conducted by the Mapfre Institute of traffic safety, 30% of the drivers of our country is afraid to drive and up to 6% confesses that he is unable to do so. Are you one of them?

Can you take out you license to the first. The second, vale, or without exaggeration. But now that you have the permission in the hands, they shake like crazy and do not dare even to start the car. This situation sounds you? Perhaps suffer amaxofobia, an irrational fear of driving that suffer from many people in our country.

When driving becomes a nightmare.

The amaxofobia It may be due to multiple factors. From an accident, have had a mishap on road or any memory related with driving. And even makes failure that has happened to us ourselves, also loved experience can affect us. You feel discomfort, sweating, tachycardia, the gut of pure fear hurts… The worst: the anxiety and the feeling of helplessness to be able to do something for others seems to be so easy.

The statistics of how it affects the amaxofobia drivers of our country are based on two studies. One made in 2005 by the Mapfre Foundation that after 1,500 interviews came to the conclusion that one-third of motorists suffer anxiety at the wheel and it stresses that fear suffering the most is the way to drive the rest of the users. Up to 18% suffers a paralyzing fear.

54% of Spanish drivers suffer different levels of anxiety when they are behind the wheel of a vehicle and 41% avoids taking the car whenever it can, according to the study of Attitudes.

Another study conducted it in 2010 the Attitudes, the program of social responsibility of the Audi brand program, and concluded that only 4% of drivers has developed a big phobia to lead, but up to 22% suffer anxiety at the wheel.

Do symptoms have a person with amaxofobia?

The crisis of nerves or panic causing you to get behind the wheel can produce symptoms such as extreme anxiety, tachycardia, sweating, uncontrolled tremors, vertigo, headache, upset stomach, or muscle stiffness. But there are also other types of less physical symptoms such as like crying, nightmares before or after driving and all kinds of negative thoughts, as the fear of an accident, run over someone, damage your car, etc..

Why it affects most women?

According to the mentioned study of Mapfre, the amaxofobia is more frequent in women, until one double more prone to suffer. They tend to be very responsible people, with a high level of stress, history of depression or anxiety, weakness, low self-esteem, low frustration tolerance, high level of self-reliance and high susceptibility to fear.

The study by Attitudes in the 2010 highlights that anxiety is the problem in a majority of cases. And the women who suffer most from it. One in four women conducting declares to have enough or great anxiety at the wheel, while among the drivers men this reason would be one of every five.

Worst? Feel that others do not understand you, that do not understand how something as simple for them is impossible for you. This makes many people who suffer from it have problems to assume their phobia and hide in excuses to not take the car.

Does it cure?

For starters, what is really important is detect the degree of amaxofobia we have and try to overcome it by driving progressively. And with the help of professionals, clear.

CEA Foundation has been organizing free therapeutic driving courses for traffic accident victims who have suffered that problem for years. These sessions are coordinated by a team of psychologists and trainers road specializing in treatment of victims of trafficking and amaxofobia that help participants to overcome his fear, correct hazardous road situations and resolve unforeseen at the wheel. In addition to a talk with a qualified psychologist, it boasts a practical session on closed circuit where learn to deal with safe maneuvering in difficult situations.

Another option is to go to a driving school specialized in treating this problem, I offer personalized therapies that combine the work of a psychologist with a driver training instructor. For example, the driving schools guarantee Association has positioned itself as a reference in this matter, contributing more than 40 years of experience and a staff in constant training. It offers a wide variety of courses, taking into account the individual needs of each student, including one from amaxofobia.

Brands such as Mercedes-Benz also feature driving to schools we they can help to overcome the stress and anxiety of facing traffic.

All the professionals say that the time required to overcome the problem depends on each one and their degree of phobia. From a person who is going through a time of anxiety caused by an overload of stress, which will have a chance to lead after three or four months of work, up to a person who took out the card years ago and since then has not returned to the car, you will need six months to a year.

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January 21, 2018

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