What Shoes Say about a Person

Especially when you meet a person for the first time, you take a closer look-consciously or unconsciously – under the magnifying glass. From the apex to the sole, everything is looked at until finally the first impression is created. According to a study, especially the shoes tell a lot about the character, social status, momentary mood or age of a person. But what conclusions do they have about us and why?
Especially the nature and condition of our footwear allows us to assume some assumptions about us. Footwear that has been worn out or left unclean, for example, suggests a labile person who is rather negligent with his appearance. He is subject to behaviors such as messiness and a lack of compulsive compulsive behavior. People who choose their shoes not according to the occasion, however, are regarded as disinterested. And those of us who wear rather unobtrusive shoes suggest that they do not care or dislike the opinions of others. They are even classified as introverted by the outside world.Perhaps the most amazing thing is that a study has found that one can even read the bonds of the footwear: people with particularly well-groomed shoes are therefore more concerned about their perception and want to leave a particularly good impression with their fellow men. They want to avoid rejection. This fear of rejection associates researchers with the fear of entering or allowing bonds.

What You Should Know About The Shoe Type

The type of footwear also allows us to draw conclusions about our personality. For example, high – heeled women ‘s enthusiasts are often accused of being particularly noticeable or of being the center of attention. That’s why you should think carefully about the occasion. Women who are attracted to them, for example, in the talk show, suggest that they also want to convince with their charms. Here would be the more elegant solution of the pump . He is credited with features like a high quality consciousness or courage. However, her wearer is also considered a bit bieder.
Ballerina-bearers are more generally perceived as girlish, stylish but also uncomplicated people. Sneakers are considered dynamic, life-like and casual-almost always on the go.
In Boots There are two variants: Once in combination with jeans and once with dress. In the first variant a certain strength is assumed. In addition, such women are not happy to look behind their facade. The second is more likely to be sensitive or sweet. Fans of boots, on the other hand, appreciate a high degree of safety and dare not like something. For ankle boots, this is probably because they are so diverse and therefore easy to combine.