What Sunglasses Gift This Christmas?

With the Christmas season, there are days to give gifts, to surprise our loved ones; But finding the perfect gift and surprising is not easy.
Finding the ideal gift for many is often an odyssey, sometimes you have it by clicking and you do not know it.

Have You Thought About Giving Away Some Sunglasses?

From congafasdesol.com we show that there are plenty of reasons to surprise with a good sunglasses.

  1. You use them 365 days a year
  1. You go to the last
  1. They protect you from the sun (less is left for the summer)
  1. Take care of your look
  1. Complement your look

Once it is shown that there is every reason to give a good sunglasses pass to action and we suggest some of sunglasses with you triunfarás the remainder of the year and next year…. So take note to make the perfect gift!

1. For her

Choosing a pair of sunglasses that accompany us for a whole season is not easy knowing more about the number of models we have in the market, especially for them, and how trends change Next we select the most special sunglasses with which you will surprise these holidays.

Dior So Real

The Dior So Real have been a boom these last months and will continue to be the rest of the season.Looking forward to next spring the Dior So Real you can find in multiple colors and bring you that chic touch that you are looking for.


If you really want to surprise with sunglasses you want to run away and regales firms lifetime option is to opt for the brand Céline. The French firm grants its lenses a classic air, with linear designs and few sophisticated but with a touch of luxury. The geometric patterns of his clothes now come to his sunglasses.

Dolcea & Gabbana

Gift Dolce & Gabbana is to give away authentic pieces of collector. Their designs bet on elegance and sophistication. The Italian firm proposes models that go from one end to another without leaving aside the essence of the brand.

2. For him

If they follow fashion, they no less. The sunglasses firms are betting more and more to dress the most masculine look. Although the design does not touch the sophistication, its patterns are more classic, yes that the masculine sunglasses have given a rotation of 180º especially by the materials.


If there is a brand that bets on them is Persol . His sunglasses are synonymous with design and technology. In addition to being the glasses for which they bet big of the seventh art.

Dior Homme

The Dior Homme line bets on giving a different touch to your glasses. The firm proposes sunglasses ranging from the most classic to the most revolutionary. Some of his models are inspired by the Dior So Real or in the Tecnologic, you dare?

3. Unisex


The Ray-Ban Clubmaster is a signature classic. The Clubmaster continue to triumph and are a reference for fashion lovers. The firm surprises by filling with color and new new this model being a best seller. Discover some of his designs!


Carrera’s collection is mostly designed so that he and she can share sunglasses.


Polaroid is another brand that bets on the versatility of their sunglasses.