What to look for When Buying Soccer Shoes

It’s not the color, and mark football boot which can prevent injuries. It is precisely the only and fit that can reduce the risk of injury during a football game.Decide what will be played for the substrate and then making the choice of shoes with the right foot sole. Now it seems that the selection of soccer cleats are determined by trade. If it’s just a Messi or van Basten then it is good, but what really matters is the natural fit and the right choice of the sole. In particular, the number of studs and includes also the length thereof, in combination with the substrate, or there for the right footwear.

The sole?

The surface is heavily influenced the selection of soccer shoes.

  • There are soccer cleats sale where you can exchange the joists. These are soccer cleats where one is depending on the substrate, the studs right beneath the bracket screws.
  • A football boot for artificial grass has a sole with studs that are near each other. The friction on the studs, when playing on artificial turf, is quite high, therefore, the studs of a soccer shoe for playing on artificial grass firmly so that it can deal with more friction.
  • A football boot for playing on hard or soft surfaces have called Traxion outsole. This type of insole provides a good rotational movement of the foot and also for the proper grip. A Traxion outsole is recognized by the broad oblong studs on the ball of the foot and the heel.
  • A suitable for playing football on hard surfaces have a sole with short pimples. Due to the short finds a lost less and the risk of injury is reduced.
  • A suitable for playing football on soft surfaces have a sole with long studs, making it less likely to slip.

Tips when buying

  • A football boot may not clamp and connect so good in the heel. The ball control will certainly be less about football shoes are too big.
  • Buy shoes for kids on growth.
  • PAS football shoes with socks like a play, and even at the end of the day, than the feet are actually greater.
  • Pay attention to the fit of the boots also cushioning. Stomp on the ground must not cause pain. In addition, one can find no pressure on the Achilles tendon.
  • It is best to take the old football boots to the store when you buy new.
  • Shoes made of synthetic leather can be bought any more. Conversely, boots of leather which is harder.The teaching will take the form of the foot over time.
  • New football needs to catch up. If one does not, runs the risk of blisters.

How football is held

  • Football boots of leather that has become wet is definitely not set on the stove to dry. Allow them to dry slowly and lubricate them afterwards.
  • Football boots of leather must be regularly lubricated. The leather stays nice and smooth.
  • Football boots leather need in principle only to be brushed off.

How to prevent injuries

  • A good warm-up is important. Cold in a contest starting increases the risk of all types of annoying injuries.
  • Go after a race, do some stretching. In this way a reduces the likelihood of muscle pain.
  • Wearing a so-called sliding shorts occurs when you create a sliding tackle that it incurs no annoying scratches.
  • Wearing leg protection should be worn.
  • The muscles of the body need adequate moisture. Why it is important to drink enough before and after the match. To be clear: we are talking about water and sports drink.