What Type of Bra is Best for You

You are unable to make your choice between all the new colors of the winter collections? You have too many base colors in your lingerie drawer and you want to test something else? This season, Marie Jo is clearly going to spoil the followers of rich colours. Soft gray to green Emerald, intense red to deep blue, the palette has something to appeal. What are the colors that flatter you and those to be avoided?. Do you know your color type?Here are some tips to always make the right choice.

The collections for TYPES

  • Your eyes: clear grey, blue grey or grey green
  • Your skin: dyed fresh, clear, pale, pink
  • Your hair:ash blond to brown ash (with clearly marked eyebrows)
  • Types was famous: Claudia Schiffer, Kate Winslet
  • You radiate:  in soft colors punctuated with cold notes, like pastels
  • Your ideal choice in the collections Mary Jo: Jane, at Marie Jo in topaz blue, almost purple blue, orFrank at Marie Jo L’Aventure in sapphire blue, a print combining grey, red and blue.

Collections for WINTER TYPES

  • Your eyes: dark brown, steel blue, or gray-blue clear
  • Your skin: complexion pale pink or olive, dyed porcelain
  • Your hair: dark (medium brown to black and dark brown), which create a strong contrast with the pale skin
  • Famous winter types: Angelina Jolie, Juliette Binoche
  • You radiate: in bright colors and intense, punctuated with cold notes (white, black, blue, fuchsia)

Your ideal choice in the collections Mary Jo: combinations of black and white you will look great, so go for it on Gabrielle, at Marie Jo in Meringue or funky Avero, at Marie Jo in Crystal Black!
The collections for SPRING TYPE

  • Your eyes: clear (blue, green) or warm brown (light brown, Hazel), rarely dark
  • Your skin: complexion pale, ivory, often with freckles
  • Your hair: light blond or brown Golden, coppery reflections, honey, eyebrows little marked
  • Famous spring types: Nicole Kidman, Heidi Klum
  • You radiate: In fresh colors, punctuated with warm notes (yellow, orange, green, beige,…)
  • Your ideal choice in the collections Mary Jo: Ando, at Marie Jo L’Aventurein apricot pink Venus orYoshi at Marie Jo L’Aventure, in red love.

The collections for FALL TYPES

  • Your eyes: Brown warm, blue or green
  • Your skin: hot, Golden complexion
  • Your hair: dark brown, dark blond, brass or red, with very present eyebrows
  • Types famous fall: Julia Roberts, Jessica Alba
  • You radiate:in hot and intense colours (Brown, orange, ochre, green moss, shades of Earth…)
  • Your ideal choice in the collections Mary Jo: Yoshi, at Marie Jo L’Aventure, in Moonrock, a warm chocolate brown, or Chet at Marie Jo L’Aventure in red Boudoir, a classy bordeaux.

Buy your correct size bra now in your lingerie shop. You are unable to identify your type of color? Visit the Themeparktour in your area for personal advice and enjoy your new look for a long time.