What Type of Water Bottles are Safe


Pick a gourd… How not to get lost with all existing gourds
The gourds are fashionable, so much the better: they reduce a catastrofique footprint.
But which to choose?
You already here on good voice you are home! And you will find neither water bottle with BPA, or gourd plastic simply!
Here are some questions to ask …

What material
we offer only reusable water bottles stainless steel or glass.
Some accessories are plastic or silicone, BPA, phthalates, PVC or other toxins: # 5 PP or PE #
healthy and noble material, glass is beautiful!
We have selected  thick glass flasks  (borosilicate Pyrex type) some of which are doubly resistant because equipped with a pretty sheath or silicone bottle bottom.
They vary according to their capacities and their neck opening, more or less wide, meeting the needs (infusions …).
their caps can be simply flat, with or without handles, the drinking spout, sports cap or straw to drink.
The +: healthy & beautiful,
The-Industrial & breakable even if resistant.
Stainless steel single wall
A water bottle stainless steel is like a plastic bottle … but without the plastic! Lightweight unbreakable & Made from stainless steel and nothing else, it has no. Interior coating or varnish
The selected stainless steel is still high medical quality, stable, safe, healthy, reusable & recyclable: these gourds are as environmentally friendly as healthy!
the +: healthy, beautiful, light & very durable;
the-: can dent by falls; painted models may flake over time.
Stainless steel double wall
Insulated stainless steel water bottles are made of two stainless steel walls separated by vacuum.This system keeps drinks at desired temperature (hot, cold or temperate) regardless of the outside temperature.
It is no longer afraid to leave the bottle in the sun during outings or sporting activities.The +:healthy, beautiful, light & very strong;  a drink always at the right temperature.the -: heavier than a single wall gourd;  may dent by falls; painted models may flake over time.
Aluminum or not
Aluminum water bottles are metal water bottles, reusable as well as the stainless steel water bottles.
However, their composition is not stabilized: inside the gourd, aluminum must be covered with a film of epoxy resin so that there is no leaching effect of the container to the content. This resin is nothing other than plastic, and often with BPA (unless marked “BPA”). Your drink so steeped in plastic! No gourde alu down home: they are a fake plastic zero solution.
How to tell if your bottle is made of aluminum or stainless steel?
Not easy to tell if a metal water bottle is stainless steel or aluminum? Think again ! To find out, is simple: uncork it and look at its interior: will see a yellow coat? If so, this is an aluminum bottle. If no mention BPA does not appear, it contains fail bisphenol-A!
What tip?
The gourds are sold with different types of plug: Flat cap, hook (called loop), sports cap, leak-proof straw or …
The choice of the tip  depends on your preferences & your user manual .
The leak-proof cap
This is the  sanitary system by excellence!
There’s nothing to touch the teeth or fingers: one drinks directly to the tip and not a drop more will come.
This type of nozzle is very significant for sports and travel.
The sports cap
They allow to  drink more easily and are recommended for sports & outdoor.
The opening system is simple: pulling lice latch rpouvoir passing water, it pushes to block it.
The cap protection helps to prevent dust from coming to settle the bill.
The stopper loop
It allows to drink directly from the bottle gourd. The gourd is also to store his drink bottle and pour it into a cup or another.
Good performance and ease of opening the bottle. It  also clings anywhere with its metal carabiner generally included.
The straw cap
It can drink without tilting the bottle: it remains as upright … and finished the troticolis; o)
It may be more when it is desired to drink in motion (driving …)
Our little more
It’s a shame not to use his water bottle because the cap is broken or lost.
We offer maximum compatible and interchangeable accessories to make your last bottle as long as you like it.
This is our  table of correspondence gourd / accessories  (some plugs a brand as suitable).
Maintenance tips
Do not place the colored stainless steel water bottles in the dishwasher: their paintings or patterns would suffer
. The glass water bottles are dishwasher safe with their silicone sheath
Clean his water bottle each day is not so complicated with a brush .
Do not forget the maintenance of nozzles and plugs, often in contact with the child’s mouth (often drink at mealtime or snack …): a toothbrush, cotton swab or our bottle brushes for drinking straw will do.
let dry gourd & accessories outdoors.
Monthly maintenance
Fill 1/2 soapy water gourd, half spirit vinegar.
so leave overnight.
Rub and rinse thoroughly.