WhatsApp for Smartphone

As I have been saying before, WhatsApp is definitely the instant messaging service most used on mobile territory, remaining unmoved by the emergence of powerful competitors like Telegram or Line.
In many posts you have taught ten tricks for this app, install the application on a tablet or even always have the latest version of Android before it appears in the Play Store.
But what concerns us in this post is different. This time, we bring bad news about this application: the popular application will stop supporting certain smartphones, and even entire operating systems; because of the cost has support on these platforms with low market share.

After this, maybe you wonder if it will stop supporting WhatsApp to your smartphone. In this post we will give you the answer to this question.


Starting with Android, the distributed operating system, will suffer a cessation of support in older versions: both Android Eclair and Android Froyo (2.1 and 2.2 respectively); You will miss the support from the application.
Undoubtedly, the Google system is the best standing among all concerned: we will see in the following lines are other platforms.

Windows Phone

Microsoft system will also be affected by this cessation of support from WhatsApp: computers with Windows 7.1 will lose the possibility of using this popular application.
As we see, this operating system is not going to notice much support this cessation, since the affected version is now obsolete and is used by a marginal fee.

Nokia S40 and Symbian

Nokia also will suffer this cessation updates directly. Both Nokia S40 as the mythical operating system Symbian will be affected by these cuts as to support it refers.
After good as dead Symbian long ago, WhatsApp was still supporting this popular operating system, but times have changed and has already passed into history, leaving himself already completely obsolete, so from here we understand the decision of the company owned by Facebook.


To close this list, let’s talk about Blackberry, it is that absolutely all devices of the firm will lose the ability to have WhatsApp installed inside, including phones with BlackBerry 10, which is the latest version of this software.
Logically, this decision will not affect the new Blackberry Priv; Mobile will be the first Canadians to incorporate Android in full.


This does not mean that WhatsApp will stop working immediately but gradually the news does not come and perhaps at some critical version the system does not work or become unstable change.
The creators of the app recommend that users of these versions update your terminal to a newer one, which saw the time they have smartphones we talked about is not a bad idea.