WhatsApp: more than 10 tips and tricks

The most popular Messenger service is and remains WhatsApp – and that worldwide with more than one billion users. With the Erfolgsmessenger you can send more than just short messages. We tell you tricks for the Messenger, so also ye to Whatsapp professionals.
We attack today deep in the bag of tricks and show you a few functions, advanced, facilitates and improves the use of the most popular Messenger service. In addition, we show you how you get the Mobile Messenger on the Tablet and PC running via detours.

WhatsApp tricks: use on the Tablet, PC and Mac

The Messenger WhatsApp can be used not only on the Smartphone, but thanks to a trick easily on the PC and tablet. In vain one searches for a WhatsApp version for the iPad or Android tablet in the Apple app store. It is not only possible to operate, but with some small AIDS also, WhatsApp on your PC to get the worldwide used Messenger service on the iPad or Android-tablet. To use WhatsApp on your tablet or on the PC, you can easily use the Web version of WhatsApp: Our site. On your Smartphone, you must then simply follow the instructions on the PC.

Photos label, cut and turn

Since WhatsApp belongs to the Facebook family, the Green Messenger within the application has built-in photo editing tools. The images before sending you can cut, turn and label. Within the app, you can send several photos and label them at the same time different.

WhatsApp: The best tricks – chat archive and mark as unread

If your WhatsApp on iPhone opens and your chats thus have in mind, you can choose, by her wipes every chat to the left or right, from different actions. It wipes right, you can mark the conversation as unread for you. This can be handy if you’ve opened the call to read the message, but do not forget to respond later. If you wipe to the left, you can the conversation to a file what creates order. On the other hand you can see ‘More’ silent ensure the conversation to get the contact info, to export the chat, to purge the history or to delete even the chat completely. Android that works a little differently. For this you need to hold your selected contact. Top right, you can archive the chat or on the three points and there mark the discussion as unread.

Search for messages in the chat

To search for a particular message in WhatsApp conversations, can be very tedious. With our WhatsApp tip but no longer: with WhatsApps search function that is no problem. On the iPhone you have to make a small gesture of wiping it down and already you can see the search bar where you now can enter a word or phrase. With Android, you must call in the setting of the chats and then select ‘Search’. There will be both displayed results from your contact list, as well as the content of the chat.

The best trick for WhatsApp: Own notification for specific contacts

For her to recognize directly at the entrance of the message, who have written to you, you can share a custom ringtone to each contact. To you enters the chat of a person, click on their name and then goes to “Own notification”. Now you need to select only a matching tone you.

Reply from the LockScreen and text formatting

To answer directly from the LockScreen off your pop up notifications must be initially enabled. If this is the case you can easily answer incoming messages from there without having to open the app before.
Another tip: WhatsApp allows you to format your text. The Messenger can be now bold, italics or  font. You have to ensure only the right characters before and after the text: * bold;. _kursiv_; ~ strikethrough ~.

Highlight important messages

Also very practical: Important messages can be marked with a star and so favoured. To mark a message with a star, you must tap on the message and then select the star. All flagged messages are therefore available at a later date at any time. To do this you must call only the contact information of the person or under your settings under the category “messages marked with Star” and can get to the marked messages.

The best tips: WhatsApp broadcast list and quick access to favorite chat

Many do not even know what they should do with the broadcast function. With this function you have the useful ability to send messages without having to create a public group to several friends. To do this, you created a new broadcast list and selects all contacts that you want to receive your message. Then, the broadcast message as a message via single chat will be sent. Only a megaphone next to the hook on the messages your chat partner indicate that this message by means of broadcasts has been sent.
For Android users, we have still a very special WhatsApp trick: you can place your favorite chats as a shortcut on the home screen with your Android Smartphone and open the corresponding chat with just one click. Plus must longer on a contact or a group and hold the finger and select “Add chat join”.

Save data volume

A tip that is likely important for many of you: So saving your data volume. Because one thing is clear, shared photos and videos as well as Whatsapp calls consume much data volume.
On the iPhone, you can set data use that under settings – when images, voice messages, documents or videos you should land. Android smartphones this under settings, chats and phone calls – find media auto-download.You can between “Wi-Fi”, “Wi-Fi and cellular data” or select “Never”. You can enable also the reduced data usage for WhatsApp phone calls.

WhatsApp: Hide read receipts and online status

Most of you know that you can turn off the “last online” status and can hide read receipts. Be it because they have turned itself off or their contacts have hidden it. For some users it can be namely unpleasant if their contacts that can track your Whatsapp use. Under settings – account – data protection, can you just decide what your contacts can see and what not.
Who disables the corresponding settings, can no longer see them his contacts. Apps for Android such as, for example, “private read” let you read, without triggering the online status of Messenger WhatsApp messages.

Viewing statistics and memory allocation

Daily uses your WhatsApp? With this trick, you can find out how you’ve already sent many messages and also how much data in MB of the Messenger sent. Under settings – use of data – network usage you can find the corresponding statistics. But you want to know with whom you have exchanged how many messages, it is also no problem. To just go on memory usage under settings – account -. And already a ranking will be shown you. You can find the latter ranking only with the iPhone.

WhatsApp disable if Smartphone is lost

Should you lose your Smartphone, we have a tip for you as strangers not on your private Messenger can be accessed. Report to easily on an another phone with the same number. Currently, the Messenger can be used with the same number only on a device. It prevents access to your account. As an alternative you can let block your account through the service by WhatsApp. With a Android app you also missed your smartphone a secure PIN code, which guarantees only you know.

WhatsApp tips: Sign up without a mobile number

Total privacy: If you followed our following WhatsApp tip, you can easily manage who can – contact you at the Green Facebook Messenger and who is not. Everything you need to do so, is a fixed line or a mobile number, which does not use it. Just the number you give to WhatsApp login and let call you just to verify when a landline number and give the confirmation code or uses the secondary phone number for a short time. Then it selects easily your WhatsApp contact by tells her your landline or your second number only to people who can contact you there. Because only you share with your “secret” number who sees from now on that you use the Messenger.

Conclusion: WhatsApp – tips for everyone

With this knowledge, also you’re real WhatsApp professionals. Also, with regards to safety, has retrofitted Meanwhile WhatsApp. Since the last major update, there is an end to-end encryption, that more does not allow access of third parties to your messages. Your messages are thus encoded, can no longer be caught and only the recipient receives it. Soon, new features are likely to reach us in our post WhatsApp updates: new functions for 2016 you can find out what you can make you cool.