When is a Shoe a Piece of Modern Art

In many reductions fashion is art, and today I have encountered these boots that are undoubtedly a genuine piece of modern art. Zaha Hadid and Rem D. Koolhaas We teach the Incredible Nova’s United Nude shoes, a collaboration of Edition limited presented at the flagship store L’Eclaireur Paris.

Already years ago that Zaha Hadid and Rem D. Koolhaas they had talked of working together. Hadid, Army architect with a passion for shoes, and REM D. Koolhaas, creative director of United Nude, They agreed on the creation of a special shoe, eliminating footwear rules to create an entirely new way. And the last Paris Fashion Week, has been the place and perfect time to show them to the world.
A model striking, provocative and obviously little wearable, loaded with curves and folds. Hadid tells us that:
Model Nova design incorporates a series of streaks in its structure into four sections very well defined, establishing a direct formal relationship with the primary structure of a shoe, and representing the various dynamic forces involved in the action of taking the next step.
“The collections of United Nude are provocative and sensual. Rem D. Koolhaas constant experimentation in fashion innovation never fails. I have always appreciated those who dare to experiment with new materials and proportions. Our collaboration reinterprets the classic type of shoes, expanding the boundaries of what is possible do in shoes without compromising structure”.
Do you dare to walk with them?