When The Camera Takes The Best From The Camera

The consumer video enters a new era: Sony and Panasonic launched their cameras from the world of photography. A pleasing mixture of styles.
Sony announces a new video camera, the NEX-VG10. “A new Sony camcorder, you call it a new?”, do you think in your heart of hearts. Well Yes, it is a new very important! Because this isn’t the dad camcorder: this is a – non-professional-camera which can change the optics. As on television or in the movies.
Ah! You begin to understand the great issues of this new fantastic! But let us dwell a little on this little revolution is going live video…
The advent of cameras
Have you seen the last episode of the popular American series Dr. House? Isn’t it? We no more, but it is iconic for a reason: it is the first (of the series) to be shot entirely with a digital camera (listen to the interview with the Director – English): the Canon EOS 5 d Mark II (read the review). Oh! of course! two person were at the controls of the machine, which was equipped with a perspective of cinema and not transferred to record the sound. He does that in place and place a camera of several tens of thousands of euros, the Director chose a camera to 2,000 euros. And there did it not only for fun, he must turn an episode that cost at least hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce.
The research of image quality
This tendency to use DSLRs to shoot clips or movies is global: not only half made music videos these days are using DSLRs, but hundreds of sites talking about how to turn a short film, a story, or even an entire movie with such devices. Sites such as DSLR Newsshooter, Planet 5 d, EOS HD or even blog the Director Philip Bloom (a true thought leader in this field) daily following the news of the video shot with DSLRs. We can greet in passing the completion last year of a war documentary shot entirely with a camera: Battle for Hearts and Mind, of Danfung Dennis.
More that a fashion phenomenon, shoot with a digital SLR corresponds to a real need: because if the professionals are willing to sacrifice ergonomics-shoot with a DSLR is not the easiest thing that is–it’s because there is a real gain to the key. And this gain is nothing less than the quality of the image.
The victory of the large sensors
More a sensor is big, most its pixels collect light, and the definition is good. It is a fact known and easily understandable.
What is less, it’s more a sensor is great, more depth of field is low; understand that we can easily realize sequences with blurred backgrounds.
The arrival of video on cameras with sensors full format – that is the same size as a film-has allowed developers to get these famous backgrounds blurs with lenses of very high quality.
Manufacturers react
And Sony, a big seller of professional cameras, couldn’t be cut dealers by Canon photographer. But to preserve a time his pro cameras while hustling the 5 d Mark II/7 d, Japanese electronics launches a camera both general public and expert, with similar technical characteristics, but including ergonomics is really a camera (and not a SLR). Taking advantage of its technology NEX, which gives wings to its cameras (see our test of the NEX3 and our video if you missed it), Sony made shot double by also offering photographic quality capabilities – the same as its cameras.
Available in early September, the NEX-VG10 should allow the less fortunate enthusiasts to produce their own achievement in professional quality HD: a new era of video is being written!
Technical data of Sony NEX-VG10
Sensor: APS – C Exmor HD 14.2 Mpix (23.4×15.6mm)
Delivered Optics: SEL18200 Sony E – mount 18-200mm F3.5 – 6.3 (equivalent to 32.4 mm – 360 mm in video mode and 27 mm – 300 mm in photo mode)
Shutter speed: 1/4 – 1 / 4000 s
Update: automatic and manual
Microphone: quadruple capsule and input mini-jack
Viewfinder: 1.44 electronic kpix; 1.1 cm
Display: LCD Trueblack 7.5 cm diagonal / 921.600 points
Weight: 1.3 kg (with lens, battery and memory card)
Dimensions (h x w x d): 29.4 x 132 x 97 mm
Memory cards: Memory Stick PRO Duo / Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo / SD / SDHC / SDXC