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Als this Swarovski stones in pacific opal in London saw one and a half years ago, the first thing I thought was “This is a Lisa color”. Lisa is my longest friend. We were from the first grade until graduation, up to two years, always in the same class. But somehow I could do nothing with the stones. Due to their size, they put a bad. Neither with RAW yet Peyote I liked the result. It was just getting too little of the stone visible. My next attempt was embroidery. But also that I was not satisfied. The whole thing seemed much too solid and large. Lisa is a delicate person, and since I could not imagine so much crude studs. It had to be so something filigraneres.
When I saw these pacific opal Swarovski fancy stones in London one and a half year ago I immediately knew that this is a color my friend Lisa would love. Lisa is my oldest schoolmate. We visited the school same class from first grade to Abitur (german a-levels) apart from two years in between. Nevertheless I really had no idea what to do with them. I tried a peyote and a RAW bezel, but because of the small size this did not appeal to me. You could’nt see much of the stone not anymore. Next I tried embroidery. But I what neither satisfied with that because it seemed to big. Lisa is a thin girl and I could not imagine her wearing such chunky ear studs. (I) what looking for something more filigree.
I took no pictures, unfortunately in the meantime and can present you only the final result. This was the first time that I have implemented your own design in Our site technology and surely not the last 😉 Last year I attended workshop with Miriam Shimon at the trade fair in Hamburg a Our site. Their were the subject of the workshop Fiesta earrings. I love your color combinations. Our site or trimmings is actually a very old technique, with the earlier uniforms are decorated. Anneta Valious describes in her book the whole story embroidery Our site: 30 gorgeous bead E designs *. Her book was the first published (as we know it today in the beading community) to this technique. I can recommend you also your Web page. Our site Kleo, Galeria Aurus and the Face book fan page by Alina Emandi are more great Our site blogs that I follow. It’s worth visiting on the homepage of Amee K. sweet McNamara. Also it has a really nice book Our site & bead embroidery *
Have you tried you ever at Our site, or knows great blogs? I’d like your comments.
Unfortunately I did not make pictures of the process. I have just the finished piece for you. This was the first time I designed a our site piece by myself and it certainly is not the last. Last year in Hamburg I took a class presented by Miriam Shimon. We made her Fiesta earrings. I really love her color combinations. Our site or Passementerie is actually an ancient technique used for uniforms and drapery. Anneta Valious describes the whole history in her wonderful book Our site-30 Gorgeous Bead Embroidery Designs. Hers was the first published our site our site book I know. I also recommend you her website. Some more our site blogs I love are Our site Kleo, Galeria Aurus and the face book fan page by Alina Emandi. A visit of the website of Amee K. Sweet-McNamara is worthwhile anyway. She has published a lovely book too.
Have you tried our site, or which our site blogs do you like? I am looking forward to read your comments!